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2nd Attempt: Day 281.New Year Resolutions. Saturday 1st January 2011, 25.7km, Steps 30341 (1/1/2011)


I got up this morning and asked D if she had made a New Year’s Resolution last night, she smiled her winner smile and laughed “to stop running”. Of course she was about to break that resolution as she was strapping on her running shoes as she spoke.
I told her to be serious for a change “I was being serious” said replied “after finishing the run later this year and achieving my dream of raising $300K for the NBCF & becoming the first female to run around Australia both non – continuous and continuously I really don’t want to run anymore multi days/months long distance fundraising running events, this doesn’t mean,” she added quickly “that I don’t want to stop raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research, that will always be a part of my life”.  
I asked her what she would like to achieve this year after the run. “That’s easy instead of raising funds for breast cancer research I want to raise people.” What??? I replied.
D told me that the National Breast Cancer Foundation has started a new initiative called Register4 which is Australia’s first online community for volunteer breast cancer research participants, by joining the register woman can help researchers spend less time finding volunteers and more time to find a cure. The NBCF goal is to have 1 million Australian women from all walks of life to register and D would like to use her popularity from her journey and her role as Tasmania Australian of the Year 2011 to visit communities around Australia and talk to woman and help them to get on line and register and achieve the target of 1 million woman.  For more information or to register visit
D also said that when she gets back to Tassie she would as Tasmanian Australia of the year 2011 take the award and visit every school in the state as Deborah believes that Tassie kids don’t get many inspiration role models visiting them and she would love to be able to help kids believe that they can achieve their dreams no matter what happens to them or from where they live.
I looked at D and could see the sparkle in her eyes as she talked about the things she would like to do this year after the run and I realised that my New Years wish of sitting in front of the fire and just sleeping isn’t going to happen.
D than said “Now first things first Maggie we need to get running”. We ran out of Airlie Beach and into Proserpine where we camped for the night.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 15,917,088          Total kms: 12710.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 20 16.590’ E 148 42.192’
GPS co-ords finish: S 20 24.254’ E 148 34.304’

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