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2nd Attempt: Day 279. A change of heart and plans. Thursday 30th December 2010, 52.8km, Steps 63131 (12/30/2010)


If the rest of Australia isn’t aware by now Queensland is experiencing its worst floods in about 90 years with an area the size of NSW underwater.  To me a water loving dog I just think that the state is just one giant puddle for me to play in. Of course D thinks a little differently than I and as I was merrily splashing along this morning in some rather fine, muddy puddles she did look at me with one of her rather stern glances and I hopped out quick smart. She asked me if I realise what all this flooding means and I retorted “fun”? I don’t think that was the right answer as she just turned and started running down the road as she didn’t answer her question I ran up to her and said “What does it mean?” She said that the floods at Rockingham will hold us up for at least 10 days as the Bruce hwy is closed due to flood water and we cannot take another route as they are all closed as well, this means that we are literal trapped up in north Queensland. 
I realised that that wasn’t very funny at all for several of reasons:
1.       We are on a very tight schedule and a lot of people down the coast have been planning for a long time fundraising events for when we arrive into their communities and it looks like we want be able to make some of them on time thus a lot of rescheduling will need to take place.
2.       We will need to slow down so not to run right into the flood area as the last thing the SES needs is a girl and her dog running into a flood effected area.
3.       We still need to make up kilometres now (hence change some of our route) as when the flood waters receded we will have to cut kilometres to make up time so as to arrive into Brisbane by the 25th Jan to go to the Australian Day awards.
4.       It means we are longer in the heat and humidity of north Queensland. This is the worst point for D as the heat and humidity is really starting to knock her around.
With this all in my mind I didn’t feel like playing in puddles again for the day and jumped into the car. I think this on top of D’s nanna put her in a bad mood and she spent the day just running without much conversation. 
At about 5pm we were on the side of the road when a car pulled up and a man jumped out saying “This must be the famous Maggie” What could I say but “Yes” as I am world famous after all. The man was the deputy mayor Rogin Taylor from the Whitsunday Council and he had driven out to welcome us into his shire. It still surprises me how many people just come out and find us on the side of the road to just say hello. I guess we are very open with where we are and when we will be somewhere and I suppose it is easy to find us as we do tend to stand out in our pink van and clothing.
Rogin, Glyn and I all waited for D to coming running up and when we caught sight of her she was on the phone doing an interview for ABC Mackay, my girl can sure multi task. With a quick handshake and exchange of official letters and a photo op, our political work was done for the day. I decided to join D for the last 2 kms to the Gunna Go Caravan Park and we were trotting along when a car pulled over and a girl jumped out as she wanted to take a photo of us as she had been following us on our facebook page and her gran had just gone through breast cancer.   After another quick photo op we ran to the caravan park and for the first time in a long time D got to see the news and we realised whilst watching the footage of the floods that it was worst than we thought. There was a very sad story of a woman having to leave her dog behind as they evacuated her from her home and town. At that point D came up to me and gave me a pat and apologized for being in a bad mood she said being a little inconvenienced and delayed by the floods was nothing compared to what other people were going through. She than said that whatever happens we have each other I gave her a lick and said so true.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 15,848,734          Total kms: 12657km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 20 02.776’ E 148 13 773’
GPS co-ords finish: S 20 21. 085’  E 148 33.373’

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