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2nd Attempt: Day 276.The weapon of mass destruction & an extremely tired D pushes on to keep continuous record alive. Monday 27th December 2010, 23.9km, Steps 28358 (12/27/2010)


It was a split team again today with Glyn, D & I leaving Ayr this morning to travel further south whilst D’s folk went to the hospital to see if D’s dad was okay and then would be going onto Home Hill to fundraise for the day. Just after breakfast we got to the Burdekin Bridge, now for the folks who have been following us since the 1st journey you will remember this bridge as the last time we crossed it, we named it the spider bridge due to the thousand of spiders that have taken up residency on the footway on the bridge. You would also remember that the one thing that D doesn’t really like, well kind of fears is spiders. Last time the spiders and their webs extended across the railings and D had to run through lots of webs which she didn’t really enjoy much! This time D decided before she got on the bridge to take some precautions with her so she could get the webs out of the way leaving the path clear to run along thus Glyn gave D a very solid axe handle or what we commonly call the “the weapon of mass destruction” just before she entered the bridge footpath. (Check out photo on the gallery) I looked at D wielding the weapon and suggested that maybe the weapon of mass destruction was tad overkill but she just gave me one of her stern look and replied I don’t see you helping out? She was right I decided that spiders really weren’t my cup of tea either and I was going to sit the experience out in the comfort of the car.
I got the attack of the guilt’s as I saw D start her journey over the bridge and when we were parked at the other end of the bridge I decided to ran back to my D to get her support. I watch as D ran over the bridge and she managed to get a great photo of herself with the mighty Burdekin River in the background. I caught up with D at the Home Hill end of the bridge and we meet a local resident who was looking at the river and told us a few river facts. The river is over 1km wide and at the moment with all the rain it is up at 10.5metres. The man told us that at 12.5 metres the river breaks it banks and floods the town of Home Hill, and at the 12.5 metres the flow of the river is a billion litres a second. Truly amazing facts!
D and I ran on to Home Hill where we caught up with D’s folks at the local IGA. The good news is that D’s dad is okay and that he just picked up a virus and will be okay to fly tomorrow to Adelaide for his mum’s funeral. D was much relived to hear the news and she sat down on a bench on the footpath next to the van. 
It all happened so quickly one minute D was sitting on the bench the next she was lying down on the bench. I ran up to her and asked her if she was okay and she replied that she was just tired and wanted to sleep. With only 12kms done for the day there was no way that that was possible so I gave her a little nip of encouragement and told her to get back up and start running again which luckily she did. I think that all the stress of the last few weeks and certainly the last few days have finally caught up with D and on hearing the news that her dad was okay she just let her guard down for a minute and the fatigue crept in. I ran with D to the van where she told Glyn that she needed morning tea and than collapsed on the bed for a few minutes nap whilst the kettle was boiling. We managed to get some coffee and chocolate in D and got her on the road again. 
I looked at D’s GPS and realised that she still have 7kms to go before the 20km mark where she could then think about stopping for the day. The 20km mark is one of the rules for the continuous ran record which states that the runner must cover the minimum distance of 20kms a day, everyday with NO days off to continue to qualify for the continuous run record.   Therefore this 20kms mark is very important to us and everyday we focus on getting to this mark as we than know that we have qualified for the record.  If by chance we didn’t make the 20kms or had a day off we could not be able to claim the continuous run record. As D and I are already the 1st female & dog to run the entire distance around Australia (non-continuously) we are now trying to get the continuous record as well because no other female has ever done this. 
The only problem today was that with D in such bad shape it was going to be a tough run to get to the mark however she had a secret weapon by her side me! With me at her side encouraging her all the way D did manage to do that last 7kms and then collapsed again onto the bed whilst Glyn tried to get some fluids into her. Unfortunately where the 20km mark was, wasn’t really a great place to camp for the night as the van was just parked on the side of the road this meant that D needed to continue to run a little more to a place where we could camp. Luckily down the road another 3.9kms was the Inkerman Caravan Park and the generous proprietors let us stay as a donations. Glyn quickly parked the van and powered up, turned on the air-conditioner and a very tired D collapsed on the bed and slept the afternoon away. I do hope she is felling better tomorrow but somehow with her mum and dad flying out to Adelaide for D’s nannas funeral I just don’t think this week is going to be easy.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 15,686,672          Total kms: 12510.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 19 34.827’ E 147 24.134’
GPS co-ords finish: S 19 45.014’ E 147 29.483’

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