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2nd Attempt: Day 209. D becomes Tasmania, Australian of the Year finalist. Thursday 21st October 2010, 35.8km, Steps 42322 (10/21/2010)

We left Daly Waters and headed back to the Highway, turned right and ran to the Highway Inn to fill up on petrol and Iced Coffees. After a short break we headed out towards Dunmarra about 50K down the Highway.

We stopped for lunch and whilst we were stationary a car pulled up. D went out to see what was happening to discover that it was Dr Geoff Thompson (the doctor who helped D when she had broken feet in Darwin last year). Dr Thompson had been at the Masters games in Alice Springs, as a sports doctor and wanted to catch with D to see how the run was going and to take a final look at D’s feet. I think D was a very lucky girl when she broke her feet to be guided to one of the leading sports doctors in Australia who happens to live in Darwin as he looked after D and sent her to the leading sports foot surgeons in Australia. I know that D feels that if it wasn’t for Dr Thompson she wouldn’t be running again. D and I would like to personally thank Geoff for his support and help, if it wasn’t for your kindness, skill and understanding of the importance of our journey we wouldn’t be out here helping others.
After big hugs and goodbyes and promises to catch up again when D stops running we trotted off down the road. At mid afternoon the phone rang and luckily we were in range! D answered the phone to discover it was the Australia Day Council on the line. She then discovered that she had been selected as one of the four finalists for Tasmania Australian of the year 2011.  I was so happy by this news that I couldn’t stop barking Woof woof!!! What an honour and does this mean that I am now in the running for Australian Dog of the Year? I am keeping all my paws crossed that on the 17th November D will become Tasmania – Australia of the Year 2011 and then of course the big one Australian of the Year on the 26th Jan 2011.
The run today didn’t last long after we received the news as D was just too excited to run and spent the afternoon making calls to all her friends and loved ones with the news. We decided to end the day early so D GPS off we marked the road with D’s pink ribbon symbol and drove into Dunmarra where we had been invited to stay for the night and we had a bit of a celebration toast to D’s great news. What a great day!
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 12,081,196          Total kms: 9536.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 16 15.262’ E 133 22.199’
GPS co-ords finish: S 16 33.046’ E 133 21.444’

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