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2nd Attempt: Day 207. X-men! Tuesday 19th October 2010, 39.3km, Steps 47891 (10/19/2010)

We got off to a later start today, as D and I were leaving the van and heading back towards the highway to start today’s run, two men jumped out of a car and sung out hello Deborah. They were dressed like brightly coloured clowns with bright yellow shorts, blue, yellow and pink shirts and they had bright yellow, blue and pink wigs. A quick chat reviled these guys were a part of a fundraising group called the X-Men and their shirts were pink for breast cancer, blue for the RAAF which they are a part of and yellow because 4xxxx beer are their sponsor, Deborah commented that it would be great to have a beer sponsor as a cold one at night would sometimes be welcomed in all this heat!

The X-Men are a team of touch footballers who have been at the Masters games in Alice Springs, where they won a gold medal. Not only are they touch footballers but they are also fundraisers for guess who? The National Breast Cancer Foundation and they had heard all about me and where searching the highway to meet us. That’s the thing about the outback and rural Australia that the people from the bigger cities just don’t realize, there really is not much that goes on out here that people aren’t aware of and you really can’t get away with anything. As so many people have seen Deborah (The Pink Lady) and me on the road we are getting to be a bit of a highway item and every place we now visit they are excepting us or we are finding daily that people are coming up to us on the road as they know where we are and are out looking out to meet us.
The X-men were so excited to find us and we were excited to see them. They told us all about their fundraising adventures in Alice Springs now I thought D was a great fundraiser but the X-men leave her for dead. These guys are merciless! At the games they held up people with water pistols and said give us your money if you don’t want to get wet. It worked as they raised over $50,000 for the NBCF well done guys!!!
At this stage the rest of the team pulled up in a bus and we all had a chat and I got to bark a bit. The X-men gave D a football and signed it for her and then gave her a few tips on how to use it. I was a tad embarrassed for D as she really doesn’t have the whole foot, eye, kick ball thing happening (and we all knew how bad her coordination is). After a fun photo shoot it was back on the road once again.
To the 40K mark D decided to call it a day as we were at the Alexander Forrest commemorative monument which had a good size parking bay. This is the spot at which A. Forrest connected with the overland Telegraph line having travelled on foot from De Grey on the WA Coast in 1879 to the Stuart Highway in the NT. I don’t think there would be anyone silly enough to do something like that today. Do you? Let’s not tell D about this route across Australia as you just don’t want to give her anymore ideas!
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,977,424          Total kms: 9447.3km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 15 34.454’ E 133 12.922’
GPS co-ords finish: S 15 51.555’ E 133 24.264’

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