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2nd Attempt: Day 205. Creating donation opportunities and more mangos. Sunday 17th October 2010, 45.7km, Steps 55995 (10/17/2010)

We drove from the Territory Manor Caravan Park back 14kms to yesterday’s finish point and our morning start point. As it was a little cooler this morning D and I had a good quick run into Mataranka before breakfast. It was great to see D pick the pace up a little, as this means finally after months her D’s hip and foot is starting to get back to normal. 

After breakfast started out of town and as it was Sunday not much was happening in Mataranka, in fact you could shoot a gun down the main street and not hit a soul! Due to Sunday there was no organized fundraising function but D is never one to miss creating an opportunity or two to get some donations happening. As the town was deserted D decided to have a bit of a run down the middle of the road to see if anyone would notice. Well they sure did, a few of the locals come out from the pub and gave us some donations, and it never ceases to amaze me the capacity D has to get donations when you think there is no way possible!
Mataranka is “We of the Never Never” territory and it town we came across statues representing parts of this story. I met the little black princess and her dog, how cute is that. There was a sign around the statues saying “No dogs allowed” but of course as I am a “world” famous dog I completely ignored that and had a good roll in the grass, a sniff around and even got my photo taken with the status.
Further on into town and we came to the concrete termite mound. I wonder when this was erected and for what purpose? I pondered this as we run out south of Mataranka into the countryside.  We hadn’t run far and a huge red greyhound bus pulled over and Tom popped out to give us a donation. He told D that he had seen her about 4 time a week for the last 3 months as his work takes him from Broome to Darwin and Dunmarra. D asked him how many other mad people he had seen on this road and he told her that during the last 5 years he has been driving this route at various times of the day and night he has seen a lot of cyclist on the road but no other person running. He did say that the only other interesting person he has seen in that time was an elder looking guy riding a push scooter. I told him that that was my friend Vlastik from Tasmania who last year, rode his push scooter from Darwin to Adelaide for Canteen. Tom than invited us onto the bus and we got various more donations from the passengers. We said our goodbyes and ran off to toots from the red bus.
After a good solid run we arrived at Warloch Ponds and were shocked to see the river full of dry grass, on the first attempt this place was a meter deep lagoon with Cattle Egrets, Brolgas and lots of Corellas living here. There wasn’t a bird to be seen and I wondered where they had all gone. We ran onto a truck bay about 25K south of Mataranka and as D logging her GPS off for the day a car pulled over and a woman gave D a donation.  
We drove back into Mataranka to spend one more night at the caravan park so as to dehydrate our last lot of mangos to discover for a day when we weren’t officially fundraising we had raised over $250 told you D and me are a fantastic fundraising team!
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,872,764          Total kms: 9361.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 14 49.613’ E 132 57. 247’
GPS co-ords finish: S 15 10.676’ E 133 05.712’

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