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2nd Attempt: Day 203. Honouring Crew and the next leg in our journey. Friday 15th October 2010, 47.7km, Steps 58227 (10/15/2010)

Keeping crew happy is one of D’s top priorities as without a happy crew there would be no event. Many runners think they are the so called “star” of an event but D believes that it is the crew who supports the ultra runner who are really the back bone to the success of a run such as this. I often listen to D where she talks to the media or an audience and she never really uses the word I it is always we. D thinks as a team, I on the other hand really do know that I am the star of the event and that the whole team, including D are there to wait on my hand and paw.

This is an family event , crew members are made up of D’s family, D’s mum Karin, D’s dad Owen, Glyn and sometimes Alistair (my dad). The journey is a huge commitment for D’s family, crewing is an enormous task and it’s very hard work to help keep D and I running, organize all the fundraising stations, public events and media, then to do the fundraising, (D’s dad is a legend at fundraising), plus all the cooking, cleaning, washing, buying food, petrol etc. not to mention the long hours, late nights and very early mornings that we all live by.  D tries to help the crew out as best she can i.e. she sweeps the van out at night and washes her socks in the shower when she gets one. To help keep crew happy, D rotates who goes out with her at 4am in the dark to start the day, so each crew member gets the chance to have a little bit of a sleep in and catch up on the zzzz.
It was Glyn’s and my term for the wee sleep in today. D woke early, I gave her a very sleep paw on the foot as a good morning but she told me to go back to sleep. D quietly and quickly got ready for her day and left the van. It was D’s mums turn to be morning support person so they drove to the information centre to start the day’s run.  
By the time Glyn and I caught up with D in “Little Pink” she had achieved about 12kms and was ready for some breakfast. D’s mum left us then to return to Katherine as D’s folks were fundraising there again today. D told Glyn to go 5kms ahead and prepare breakfast and I hopped out of the truck as it wasn’t too hot and I wanted to get some morning exercise in before I had brekkie.
As D and I ran along I could see that D was in high spirits today and I asked her way? “Well Maggie we are on our next stage of the run our trip down to Three Ways and Tennant Creek”. I told her that I really wasn’t looking forward to this section of the run as Elliot was coming up and I really didn’t feel like visiting the scene of the crime so to speak and all I remember about this section is D being in so much pain last year as she ran everyday sometimes more than the required 20kms on her broken feet to keep the record alive. D said to me “Maggie that is last year, we have already achieved so much and the feet are fine, so smile we are heading south towards home!” I gave D a huge smile, she’s right the broken feet is yesterday’s story, today’s story is we are still running and raising funds for the NBCF so lets go.
Feeling a lot happier we trotted down the road and midway through our day Chooka the chef from Mataranka Station, stopped to say hello unfortunately D will be passing the station on Sunday and Chooka will not be there so we wouldn’t be catching up with her after all for dinner. D was a little disappointed with this as Chooka is a special person to D, last year during the pain of running with her broken feet Chooka gave D a Chinese Gold Good Luck Coin which D carries with her everywhere, including when she runs. D had this coin with her when she went through surgery on her feet and during her rehab, I think D has used this coin as a talisman to help her through her injury and to run again when all hope was lost. We talked a while and then said our goodbyes with promises that when D and I return to the top end for work in July 2011 we will catch up then.    
D and I ran onto the King River rest area, where D decided to end her day as she had reached her daily kilometre target. D still had internet connect and when she logged on to her website Chooka had sent an email which read. “A truly amazing and beautiful lady. I don’t see the run as the second attempt I see as a carry on from the last time.” I totally agree with that whole statement Chooka and would like to add you are a very special person to us too.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,764,554          Total kms: 9273.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 14 28. 013’ E 132 15. 950’
GPS co-ords finish: S 14 38. 673’ E 132 37. 998’

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