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2nd Attempt: Day 202. Back in Katherine. Thursday 14th October 2010, 40km, Steps 51646 (10/14/2010)

After little sleep due to the heat and humidity we left our bush camp heading for Katherine and by the time we stopped for breakfast the temperature was already starting to warm up, it was going to be another hot day.   I told D that maybe we should step up the pace a bit as I really wanted to spend the afternoon in the air-conditioned pooch palace. D just looked at me and reminded me that she still couldn’t feel her right foot 100% due to the pinched nerve in her hip which she has had since Carnarvon therefore she still didn’t have full power in that foot so running at any great speed was almost impossible besides it’s too hot out here to run fast! Well if D was going to take her time I decided that my next option was to hop into the air – conditioned car as I jumped up D yelled out “Pikkker” yet that’s me! I reminded her that she wasn’t wearing the latest in winter fashion a black and white stylish coat especially design for me by Yves St Le Dog. 

After another 15kms which I spent cooling off a car pulled over, it was Luke Ricketts, the son of Deborah’s good friend and hero Colin Ricketts. As I told you all before Colin walked around Australia in 2005 to raising money and awareness for McGuinness McDermott Foundation and Children´s Hospitals around the country. Luke was Colin’s inspiration for the walk as an infant he was diagnosed with a brain tumour; Luke survived the ordeal and now was standing before us, a healthy happy man. D had never meet Luke before but as soon as she saw him she throw her arms around him (the happy hugger at work again) and they gave each other a big greeting. Luke has been living in Tennant Creek and his dad has been constantly on the phone telling him to catch up with D.  D talked with Luke for a while and then I reminded her that the temperature was rising and we had at least another 25kms to do. With promises to catch up in Tennant Creek we said our goodbyes to Luke and were off and running again.
Finally we ran into Katherine midafternoon, pulling in at the information Centre, where we finished the day’s run. The information centre is just next to the supermarket and since D hadn’t been in a supermarket since she left Tassie she decided that she wanted to see what special goodies she could buy for the trip down south and across the Barkly. We entered the shopping complex and D left me with her folk’s who were fundraising there whilst she went shopping, about a ½ hour later D reappeared ladled down with shopping bags and a huge smile on her face. “Look Maggie” she said “Yummy treats for you and me”. It’s the simple things in life that makes my girl happy.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,706,327          Total kms: 9226.1km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 14 12. 575’ E 132 02. 378’
GPS co-ords finish: S 14 28. 013’ E 132 15. 950’

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