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2nd Attempt: Day 200. 200 days or is it and running to power. Tuesday 12th October 2010, 56km, Steps 69775 (10/12/2010)

Today is our 200th day on the road for this half and if you add that to our first half of 224days we have been running 424days for breast cancer research. That’s incredible! I bet my dinner and you know how much I love my food, so it’s a sure bet, that there would be no other girl and dog that have ever done that.

We left Hayes Creek early as D’s goal was to reach Pine Creek today. I think because of the extreme heat and humidity at the moment D has scheduled her daily kilometres base around power sources. She is literally running form power to power source i.e. caravan park or cattle station so that we can plug in and have the air-conditioner on all night. Usually when we have to camp on the side of the road we run the generators for a few hours to cool down the vans but they don’t run all night as the petrol runs out so we have cooling for a while but by midnight we have to open the windows and try and catch a breeze if there is one. The weather at the moments during the day sits around 36 degrees and it doesn’t cool off much at night so bush camping means that we usually don’t get much sleep due to the heat and as sleep is the number one element in D’s after run recovery program we all think the air- con is essential.
Personally I really can’t wait to be a little more south, say about Renner Springs, as once we hit more desert country the humidity will hopefully ease off a bit. We all know it’s going to be hot but I think it’s the combination of heat and humidity that is really starting to zap the energy out of us all.
After 56kms in very hot and humid weather we arrived at Pine Creek and I was very happy to be able to sit in the air-conditioned caravan, thanks to the wonderful people at the Lazy Lizard Caravan Park who have looked after D and her crew for the 5th time now. As a bit of a spoil for reaching our 200 day on this trip D and her family (the crew) decided to go out to dinner at the Lazy Lizard pub. I was just too comfortable in the air-con to more so I volunteered to after the “Riggs” and in the cool I drifted off to sleep.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,591,059          Total kms: 9134.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 13 35. 006’ E 131 27.447’
GPS co-ords finish: S 13 49. 250’ E 131 50. 121’

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