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2nd Attempt: Day 124. How we celebrate birthdays on the road. Wednesday 28th July 2010, 50.8km, Steps 59869  (7/28/2010)


Even though we started early about 5am it was still a warm start to the day, the temperature is really starting to rise now as we head north but it was a going to be a good day as crew member Glyn was celebrating his birthday today. As we are a family group birthday’s are special and we try and make the day full of fun even though we have to do the job of running, crewing, fundraising etc. Because of it being Glyn Birthday, D wanted to finish the day with time enough for a little family party so she was all business with the running today and as it was hot I decided after 5kms to hop into the car and spend most of the day in the air-con car.
After about 10kms we arrived at the Burkett Road Rest Area and D decided that she wanted some breakfast, this is D’s usual habit on the road she doesn’t really eat much when she gets up and usually runs everywhere between 5 – 20kms before she sits down to a good breakfast. Breakfast usually takes anywhere between ½ hour to ¾ hour and it’s a time when the family get together, chat, organize the day ahead and sometimes discuss world peace and politics. I like breakfast as it is usually a time when I can sneak into D’s folks van and steal a second breakfast of Zac’s food when no one is looking. (Zac is D’s folks old Jack Russel). 
As it was a birthday day D’s mum had prepared a special birthday breakfast for Glyn and we were all having a great time that it was well over an hour before D’s dad asked D “Are you doing any running today?”. D and I jumped up and flow out the door to start running again when we notice that D’s folks van had a flat tyre. D’s dad had to change the tyre but that meant there was no share and as we were heading north with no town in site for over 500kms we didn’t want to risk another tyre blowing as then we would be really stuck. A quick family discussion and it was decided that Glyn. D and I would keep going whilst D’s folk would uncouple their van and leave D’s mum with the van at the rest area whilst D’s dad would drive to Exmouth some 200 odd kilometre away to get the tyre. 
We quickly set up D’s mum for a day at the rest area and then we said goodbye and headed down the road.   Not far down the track and a caravan pulled over and out got Lyn and Paul Singh whom we’d had dinner with on the Nullarbor with some more photos taken and hugs we were off again. 
D picked up the pace as she felt she was running late due to the various interruptions that had happened during the day and she really wanted to finish early for the birthday boy. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it the day ended up with lots of interruptions as people were pulling over to say hello and giving donation really every time we pulled up between running legs. D was received lots of toots as she ran along that by the end of the day her arm was getting tired due to waving it a people all the time. 
At about 4pm D’s folks meet us again on the road with their tyres fixed and D’s mum was beaming as she had a fantastic day at the rest area raising over $300 for our cause. D ran on and after a solid day on the road we all pulled into Berridale Rest Area on the Yannarie River where we were greeted by fellow caravaner’s and more donations.  There were also a few children, who immediately fell in love with me and gave me lots off hugs and pats which was a nice end to the days run.
We tally up today’s donations and for a day when we weren’t in a town, or doing a fundraising event we raised over $532 for the NBCF, not bad and Glyn said that it’s the perfect birthday present!
D’s mum had made Glyn a lamb roast for his Birthday which meant I had a big bone for my dinner and we all sat outside under the stars an celebrated Glyn’s birthday and a great day fundraising.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 7,433,977          Total kms: 5901.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 23 03 566’ E 114 31. 938’
GPS co-ords finish: S 22 51.795’ E 114 57. 274’

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