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2nd Attempt: Day 198. A rescheduling and a dedication. Sunday 10th October 2010, 23.5km, Steps 30976 (10/10/2010)

D decided to have a short day today as she needed to reconsider her schedule for the 2nd half of the run and wanted some time on her computer this afternoon, so the goal for the day was to reach the point 90kms north of Pine Creek. Even though it was still early the heat and humidity was rising and D was soon soaked from perspiration and drinking water at every 2km leg. This weather has sure made D’s water consumption rise, luckily we got a tonne of water from our sponsor Nu Pure Spring Water in Darwin!

About 10km into our run a car pulled over to say hello and to give a donation. It was a man by the name of Rob Elliot, from Melbourne, who was working in Darwin. Rob and his family had been touched many times by the Big C and wanted to help with our cause. As D was talking to Rod he told the tale of his one of his sister was going through breast cancer at the moment and how he had lost his other sister Mary Elliot 2 years ago to BC. As D does with everyone who has someone going through BC she wiped off one of her RUN GIRL RUN wristbands from her arm and told Rod to give it to his sister for love and support from the Running Pink team. Rod’s story of two sisters having this terrible disease is not an uncommon story to D and that is why she is still running and why the whole Running Pink team is dedicated to raising as much funds as possible for the NBCF. As Rod was about to depart D asked him if he wouldn’t mind if we dedicated today’s kilometres to his sister he gave D a hug and said that his family would like this so today is for you Mary and your family.
D ran onto her finishing mark the Pine Creek 90km sign and then we drove back to Adelaide River to have air-con and power. Today D had to make a tough decision, as you could image after nearly two years away from home, running over 20,000kms, living and recovering from surgery in a foreign state in a caravan (VIC) for 7 months and achieving your goal of being the 1st female to run around Australia all D really wants to do now is go home to Tassie as soon as possible. But she is torn as she has made the decision to run the east coast again to raise as such funds as possible for the NBCF and get the continuous running gong. The only things is that due to the huge amount of public support we are getting on the east coast with many people organizing fundraising function when D is in their town D feels that she cannot run 55kms a day and make all the functions so a huge decision had to be made D needs to lower the daily km rate so she can get to the functions but by doing this it will extend the time on the road. For the past week D has been pondering this decision and I had been wondering what would win D’s desire to go home or the desire to raise the funds in the end it was no competition D’s desire to help others won out. Therefore D spent the time this afternoon rescheduling her ran so she could post the new itinerary on the website. This means that we will be home now in April but it will give us a bit more time to meet all our fundraising commitments. 
If you would like to help us raise funds for the NBCF when we are in your community please email Deborah at
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,479,031          Total kms: 9043.6km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 13 14. 321’ E 131 06. 433’
GPS co-ords finish: S 13 22. 580’ E 131 14. 548’

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