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2nd Attempt: Day 196. Double dipping and a brave step in D´s cancer recovery. Friday 8th October 2010, 32km, Steps 40517 (10/8/2010)


After a great night sleep we woke early and left the Leprechaun Caravan Park in the dark to drive back out to Arnhem Highway to start our day’s run. After about 8kms Darryel joined us again and ran another 10kms with us. Darryel is a very active member of the community and does a lot of charity work one of his projects is during his daily walks he collects aluminium cans to raise funds for Vietnam Vets. So whilst running with Darryel every now and again we would hear a can crushing thud as he flattened cans to put in his bag. As we had been running with Darryel for a couple of days now, this habit was a bit catchy and we now have started to collect cans for him as we were running down the road. Whilst performing this task I thought to myself, I’m charity multi tasking, I am running around Australia for the NBCF and at the same time collecting cans for the Vietnam Vets, talk about double dipping.  
By morning tea D had to have a little break as she had another radio interview this time on 2SM Sydney’s Leon Delaney Show. Whilst D was chatting on her new mobile trying not to perspire all over it the rest of the team were scurrying around the bushes squashing cans, I sat back thinking sometimes my life has some very strange, weird and humorous moments in it.
After Darryl left us we ran on past the Acacia Store, which is being rebuilt after a fire and onto the Manton Dam Recreation Area at Manton Creek where D decided to stop for the day, as we had another appointment in Darwin. After doing the normal end of run recording we drove back to Tumbling Waters Caravan Park for a quick shower and change then on into Darwin to meet the staff and patients at Darwin’s new Alan Walker Cancer Centre attached to the Darwin Hospital who had organized a afternoon tea for us. We were warmly welcomed by Peta, Paula, Selina, Amanda, Kate and Anita and after some pink cup cakes we were shown through the centre, what a fantastic addition to the Hospital. 
As we were about to enter the oncology ward I looked at D’s face, I knew that this moment would be tough for D as she had not returned to oncology since she herself went through treatment. I thought back to that time and how I would watch D getting sicker and sicker with each treatment. Like many cancer patients D nearly talks about her treatment but she said to me that she will always remember sticking to the plastic chairs in the unit, the metallic taste of the chemo and the feeling that all your energy had been drained from you. I knew that going to the centre today was a big step for D as she would in some ways be reliving some horrid memories but my D put a smile on her face, walked in and talked to the patients with love in her heart. I knew that no matter what she was feeling about being back in an oncology ward she would give 100% of herself to the other cancer patient’s as that is what this run is all about. Giving hope.
After visiting the ward and talking to the cancer patients D gained something today,  she feels that no matter what happens in the future with her cancer journey she can face it head on and never lose hope of finding a cure.   
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,388,756          Total kms: 8972.6km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 12 33. 955’ E 131 04.422’
GPS co-ords finish: S 12 50.171’ E 131 08. 022’

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