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2nd Attempt: Day 195. Short day, water logged phone & a coffee moment. Thursday 7th October 2010, 22km, Steps 28402 (10/7/2010)


As we were in a capital city D had a few appointments and she also decided to have a short day as she really needed to catch up on things, like getting a haircut and get to a large shopping centre to buy some essentials that she hasn’t been able to get since leaving Perth.
We drove to our start location and started running at about 5.30am in the dark but we were soon joined by Ken who came out with us for about 10kms before he had to go to work. By the time it was 7am the humidity and heat had settled in and we knew it was going to be a hot day and I was very happy that it was going to be a short one. At 7am D was already really wet from perspiration. At 7.30am D’s phone started ringing again with the media, D keep walking through the interviews however we encounter a problem due to the humidity and the sweat as D’s mobile got water logged and stopped working. Quickly we swapped D’s sim card into Glyn’s phone and as soon as this was done the phone ran hot again. We decided that we couldn’t risk Glyn’s phone getting soaked as well, so D stopped walking through the interviews in the hope that the perspiration wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately due to the very high humidity level it really didn’t help much so D then did the rest of her media interviews on loudspeaker to try and not ruin Glyn’s phone as well. 
With about 7kms to go Darryel joined us again, he and D soon started to giggle every time D’s which was really Glyn’s phone rang. After a few calls which brought on more laughter I asked D to share the joke:  D wears special pink marathon shorts that have pockets in the back where she stores her phone, i-pod, pedometer, business cards etc and due to the frequency of the calls this morning, every time D’s phone ran Darryel would cry out “You bums ringing” which would make D answer the phone in a state of laughter.    Personally I really didn’t understand why that would make someone laugh so much but the final distance of our run today was a happy one. 
D logged off her GPS at the corner of Stuart and Arnhem Highway said goodbye to Darryel and we jumped into the car and drove D to her first appointment which was with the sports masseur. Whilst D was in having a massage Glyn tired to see if he could dry off D’s mobile so she could get it working again. By the time D had finish with the massage Glyn and I decided that D’s phone was well and truly dead and we would have to give it a final farewell before it went to the mobile phone cemetery, the dead call centre. 
This meant that a new phone needed to be purchased, we drove to Palmerston Shopping Centre where D’s folks were fundraising for the day and D quickly found the Telstra shop and purchased a new phone with not a minute to spare for her hair appointment. With a quick snip, snip D was out the door and back at the fundraising table ready to help out but then she spotted it….Gloria Jeans Café…that was it for our D, as she had been craving a café latte since Perth some 3000 odd kilometres, she was off and running, nearly bowling over a lady in her haste to get to the café and was ordering a latte before you could say roasted coffee beans. As I watched her behaviour I wondered if she might have to join a CA (coffee anonymous) group.
D returned with a big coffee satisfied smile and it was time to pack up the table and head back to the caravan park. On return the crew showered and changed out of their running pink uniform and into civvies and we went to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market for dinner and to give the cook (D’s mum) a night off.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,348,239          Total kms: 8940.6km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 12 26. 206’ E 130 55.963’
GPS co-ords finish: S 12 33. 955’ E 131 04.422’

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