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2nd Attempt: Day 194. Sunrise interview and a pink party. Wednesday 6th October 2010, 21.8km, Steps 28092 (10/6/2010)


As D tried to wake me at 3am this morning I gave her a little nip to tell her to go away as I needed my beauty sleep. She ruffled my fur again and said Maggie just hop into the car and you can sleep until we reach Darwin. I asked D again why are we getting up this early and she told me that we had our television interview with Sunrise.   I reminded her that the sun was still sleeping and wouldn’t be rising for hours and she said that the interview was live to the eastern states and we had to match the interview with their time not ours. I got a wee bit confused trying to figure out what time it was where so instead of arguing with D I jumped into the car and promptly fell back asleep.
Luckily D’s mate Ken arrived at 3.30am to be D’s personal running escort into Darwin, he was also handy as a human street directory to get us to where we needed to go. I was happily dreaming in my special place when all of a sudden bright happy laughter woke me up and I looked out of the window to see D and Ken merrily running down the middle of the road laughing. As the streets of Darwin were deserted at 3.30am in the morning the two of them had decided to run down the road and where busy pretending to be cars at the traffic lights. Gee sometimes humans can be very strange and I think their behaviour gets stranger with lack of sleep.
The Television interview was in a lane way at Bennett Street and with no traffic it was a smooth run into town. We arrived at the interview location to camera’s and lights illuminating the dark alley, D was told to stand at a point and I looked across to her and the scene reminded me of a Jeffery Smart painting. (Check out the photo on the gallery it’s a ripper). All of a sudden I was told that my sideline position wasn’t what the producer wanted and I needed to be in the scene, one of the Running Pink  trucks was driving into position behind D and I was told to get onto the bonnet. I decided my best side was my left so I positioned myself accordingly. Sitting up on the bonnet I was catching a nice breeze and I thought to myself instead of driving in the car maybe I should sit on the bonnet whilst we are driving along as it would be much cooler in this very hot and sticky weather. I suggested to D that maybe she should do this and she snapped back “That would be cheating and you know I would never do that”. She’s right, unlike me; D has travelled the country the whole way on foot, no bonnet surfing for her. D was wired for sound, a link with Sydney was established and everyone was in there place and at 4.44am we were given the 1 minute countdown. Whilst we stood waiting for our interview, you wouldn’t believe it with about 10 seconds until we were live to air I had an itch in a very unladylike place I was just about to have a scratch when the thumbs up was giving that we where live! I froze and put on my best smiling face trying to ignore the itch whilst D talked away.  
D did a great job with the interview and after about 4 minutes it was all over and I jumped off the bonnet and scratched my itch to my hearts content. Sometimes it really hard being a famous celebrity dog and keep up appearances for the camera. With the interview over, we all decided a spoil was in order for our efforts, so we decided to have big Maggies for breakfast. The drawback was we had to run to the big M so I finally decided that if I was having a bit of a spoil for breakfast I better get some exercise in before hand so I joined Ken and Deborah for the 4kms run back to breakfast . 
After breakfast Ken and D continued running out of town, at about 7am D was stopped by a lady on the footpath who had just seen us on sunrise and had especially come out on the road to meet D as she was a breast cancer survivor and wanted to give D a hug. D of course gave the lady a huge cuddle, this situation happens so much to D these days that I have nicknamed her “the happy hugger”. After D’s hugging session Ken and her run to Amy Johnson Avenue where we stopped a little short of today’s kms target because D and I had to go back to Darwin to do a radio interview with the ABC Darwin and then meet the Mayor for a Pink Breakfast. D marked the spot with her GPS said goodbye to Ken and we drove back to the radio station where we did a live to air interview in the studio after the interview we crossed the road to the Civic Square where we meet the Mayor, Graeme Sawyer and a crowd of Darwinians who clapped and cheered as D and I ran up to them and the TV cameras. Graeme presented D with a huge bunch of flowers, a kiss and a hug D blush a little by this attention. D had meet the Mayor of Darwin during her 1st half around Australia and secretly confess to me then that she thought the mayor was a bit of a spunk so I think she was a little shy. After we did some running back and froth for the TV cameras and then we all went inside to our pink party in celebration of our amazing efforts of becoming the first female and the first dog to run around Australia.  I felt very special as I was the 1st dog allowed in the council chambers. There were a few speeches made and more TV interviews and then we were invited to eat all the yummy food.  Shhhh! don’t tell anyone, but I had a pink cup cake.
After the pink party we drove back to Amy Johnson Avenue where we were met by Darryel who ran with us for the final 3kms. It was a very slow 3kms as D phone just wouldn’t stop ringing with all the media that wanted to talk to her so she spent a lot of the time either walking through the interviews or writing down reminders of when the next interview would be. Finally we got to today’s finish mark and said goodbye to Darryel and went back to the Leprechaun Caravan Park and with the air – con on D and I had a nice nap. D woke in the afternoon to do some paper work for the record submission to Guinness and then it was time to go to dinner at Roz and Kens, I decided that after such an early start all I wanted to do was stay in the van an sleep so I let them go without me and drifted off to the land of nod
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,319,837          Total kms: 8918.6km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 12 25.566’ E 130 52.167’
GPS co-ords finish: S 12 26. 206’ E 130 55.963’

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