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2nd Attempt: Day 193. Still running, thinking about legends & explaining the records. Tuesday 5th October 2010, 57.4km, Steps 72285 (10/5/2010)


When D woke me at 4am this morning I felt a little peeved as I thought after achieving the goal yesterday of become the first female and dog to run around Australia I deserved a bit of a sleep in. D informed me that a sleep in really isn’t going to happen for another 6 months, as instead of getting in a car and driving home to Tassie, she is going to run back via the east coast. I grumbled something that isn’t 2 laps around the country enough why do we have to run more and she explained as our run around Oz was in 2 halves she would like continue running so she achieves her goal of being the first person to EVER walk and run continuously around Australia.
I asked D what is the difference between being the 1st and a continuous record? D explained that the 1st is based on the person who achieved the goal first and gave me the example of Bridget Muir who after 4 try’s achieved her goal and is publicly acknowledged as been the first Australian woman to climb Mt Everest or Rosie Swale-Pope who is acknowledged as the first female to run around the world Rosie had breaks in her run thus it isn’t acknowledge as a continuous record. A continuous run/walk record is based on the guidelines issued by Guinness World Records that a human powered circumnavigation of the country, therefore the runner MUST travel the entire distance on foot and cannot under any circumstances get in or on a car or any automotive vehicle for ANY reason and each leg must commence at the exact point where the last finished off. As D walked from Melbourne to Melbourne her continuous run record will be from Melbourne to Melbourne, as one needs to cross the Bass by boat thus Tasmania is not included.
As we drove back to Acacia Store to start our day D and I discussed the legends of running/walking who have treaded the road before us.  In the 1980’s ultra marathon legend Ron Grant became the 1st person to run continuously around Australia and set the “rules” that the runner/walker needs to run/walk everyday that means NO DAYS OFF and that the minimum kilometres that need to be covered is 20kms a day, of course if you only did 20kms it would take you about 2 years to get around.  In 1999 Pat Farmer ran around Australia to complete a very fast lap of just over 15,000kms in 171 days a record that will stand for a very long time. At the same time Pat was running Gary Parsons also ran around Oz and achieved at the time the longest continuous run of just over 19,100 kms before he had to retire due to an ankle injury, of course Gary’s record has now been pasted by other runners like Jesper Olsen who is on his second run around the world. In the walking circle you have other legends such as Nobby Young who in 1993 became the 1st person to walk around Australia.   Nobby is a wonderful generous man and D’s walking mentor and he came on the road with D in 2003/2004 and helped her break his walking records.  Another special friend of ours is Colin Ricketts who in 2005 became the first person to walk around Australia with no support crew; Colin pushed a modified baby jogger called Wilson around the country. D talked about these legends and their honesty and integrity and that every one of these runners/walkers ran the whole distance and never cheated, not even 100 metres.
As we started running in the dark I wondered where I, Maggie stood in the very impress list of legends. I guess I cannot really claim to have run the entire distance around the country as you all know that I have a tendency to hop into the car at various times thus disqualifying myself from a record according to Guinness. I started to get concerned that I have hoodwinked the public into believing that I am the 1st dog to run around Australia when unlike D who has run the entire distance when D said to me that in doggy records I have done enough and it’s only us human that have to follow the rules. 
As dawn started to break we were joined by Ken Nash who ran about 12kms with us before he had to get going to work. As the sun rose so did the temperature and I decided as it was okay for me to get into the car that I would hop in and spend some time in the air-conditioned luxury.   Whilst in the car I was listening to the weather report and for the third day in a row the weather man promised rain in the top end. I looked through the window at the clear blue sky and wondered what he was talking about, we are only 80K from Darwin and there is not a cloud in sight and this close to Darwin one would think that is what you call the top end and you couldn’t get much closer, so where is the rain? I leaned out the window and barked at D “What’s wrong with your magic rain powers Rain Genie” she shouted back “I sent all the rain south as they needed it the most”. I thought true.
At about the 26km mark D was joined by Darryel an ex Tasmanian and friend of Ken and Ross Nash, Darryel and Deborah trotted along for about 10kms and they had a nice chat when D’s phone was not ringing hot due to all the media wanting to have a chat with her and Irene our NBCF media liaison ringing about the arrangements needing to be made for tomorrows television appearances. Darryel left us at lunch and D ran on hoping to get some alone time on the road just to recoup a bit when all of a sudden a camera was going off in front of her, I quickly jumped out of the car to get in front of the camera as after all I am the star of the show, the photographer was from the Northern Territory News who wanted some photos. At about the 40km mark it was very hot and the humidity was around 90% and D it was looking a bit tired as the constant talking, media, heat, arranging and running was starting to tire her out. At this stage D’s mate Ken returned to help D on her last leg into Darwin. Ken and D had a bit of a laugh as yet again Ken was there pounding the pavement with D helping get her to Darwin, at least this year D has two good feet. Ken left D about 2 kms from the end with the promise that he will see us at 3.30am tomorrow morning. At these words I turn to D and asked 3.30am? She said yes you heard right we have to run into Darwin CBD tomorrow for our Sunrise appearance I told D in no uncertain words that I would be in the car for that bit. D hugged Ken goodbye and ran the final distance to the Leprechaun Caravan Park after a huge day D arrived tired but on target.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,291,745          Total kms: 8896.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 12 47.931’ E 131 07.350’
GPS co-ords finish: S 12 25.566’ E 131 52.167’

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