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2nd Attempt: Day 192. Our date with destiny! Monday 4th October 2010, 33.7km, Steps 32931  (10/4/2010)


We did it! I am the 1st dog and D is the 1st female to run the entire distance around Australia!!!!!!! After a too excited night to sleep we finally got out of bed about 4.30am and packed up our pink caravans and drove back to yesterday’s finishing spot at the corner of Ringwood Road and Stuart Highway.
D and I were greeted there by Garry, who was there to film our special moment and at 5.45am we started running along the Stuart Highway towards our date with destiny. I was so excited that I had to do a minor detour into the bushes for a wee pee, luckily the camera’s weren’t rolling at the time and D did wait patiently for me. 
After my pit stop we ran on for another 3.2kms and then we could see it, it was just 200 metres away, the stop at the corner of Crater Lake Road and the Stuart Highway where D so tragically had to end the run last year after tripping over me and breaking both her navicula bones. My wee heart started to race as we run the last few metres towards the mark I couldn’t believe in I was about to become the 1st dog to run around Australia, me, Maggie!!! 
With my mind whirling about how famous I was just about to become D stopped just metres from the point and leaned down at me and said “Maggie you know today is very special, today is not about you and me it’s about all those people who had faith in us to achieve this goal and the most important of those people are standing just before us”. My mind stopped dreaming of fame and fortune and I thought about the real reason we where here, yet again D was right, this special moment was not about us, it was for everyone who’s lives have been affect by breast cancer and as I looked up I saw some of those people, D’s loved ones. There they were all the people that mattered the most to us just in front of us, standing there waiting for D and me to cross that line. I looked at our loved one’s faces and I realized for them this moment was important, they had been there throughout D’s battle with cancer and her against the odds triumphant to ran extreme long distances again, they were they everyday from the start of this epic journey helping us along, they shared the pain and disappointment of D having to end here last year with broken feet. These same people where there as D went through more surgery and then supported her as she made the decision to go back out again when the surgeon said her bones might break again and her cancer doctor said a resounding NO!
As we crossed the line to become the 1st female and the 1st dog to run around Australia I realized that the moment was perfect. There was no big fanfare with thousands of people or a load of cameras there was just the people we loved and I thought there is no better way to cross into history. Of course Garry wanted D to say a few words to the camera straight after we had achieved the goal and in true D style with a bit of a tear in her eye she dedicated this moment to her family and to all the people who’s lives had been affect by BC there was never a word from her about the goal or her achievements it is always about others. Of course I had to have a few barks as unlike D I wanted to sing my praises from the mountain tops but she soon silences me the spoil sport that she is and as I realized that there were no mountain tops around due to the flat landscape I stopped barking. I still secretly thought it was a great achievement and that D really has a lot to be grateful for having my help to get her around the country.
After filming D and I looked around and saw D’s great friends Ken and Roz Nash from Darwin were there to witness the event, as well as the official witness Constables P Macain and Erin Simonato from the Northern Territory Police. Our reason for being out here was reinforces when D spoke to Constable Erin Simonato’s who had lost her grandmother Jill Parker to breast cancer a year ago. I thought it was very poignant that D and I were be out here in the middle of nowhere, making sports history in an attempt to help raise funds for breast cancer and there is a person who has been personal affect and D would like to dedicate today’s very special kilometres in memory of Erin’s grandmother.
After a bit of chatting D said her goodbyes and we accompanied by Ken started running again as D still had kilometres to run for the day but more importantly D wanted to get to her breakfast kilometres as she was feeling a tad hungry now that all the excitement had died down. We all ran to Coomalie Creek Rest Area where D’s folks had cooked up a breakfast celebration feast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, toast, plus hot fresh coffee and orange juice. Yum! After breakfast Ken and Ross said goodbye and D and I ran onto Acacia store where we finished for the day. As it was incredibly hot and the humidity was very high D didn’t want to be without air-con for the night and really wanted to have a bit of comfort on such a special day so we drove onto Tumbling Waters Caravan Park at Berry Springs, a wonderful park and the owners Darren and Jenny Campbell who had been so kind to us last year when D had broken her feet, welcomed us back and were very pleased that we had finally achieved our gaol. 
As I rested in the air-conditioned comfort of the van I thought that today, other than the day D found me was probably one of the best days of my doggie life, the only sad thing was daddy (Alistair) had to fly back home to Tassie tonight but before he left he gave me a big cuddle and said “Well done, girl, proud of you”. I went to sleep with the biggest grin on my face.
 Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 11,219,460          Total kms: 8839.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 13 04. 938’ E 131 06.412’
GPS co-ords finish: S 12 47.931’ E 131 07.350’

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