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2nd Attempt: Day 118. Sight seeing day. Thursday 22nd July 2010, 42.9km, Steps 50285  (7/22/2010)

A woke tired as I had had a very paw nights sleep due to worrying of the pink truck would start or not but all that worry was in vain as Woopeedoo! The truck started without the need of the pipe on the first try! But then I got a little upset as and for the first time on this trip D and I where going to be separated for the day.  Owen and Karin (D’s folks) were to stay on the road with D whilst Merienne, G and I went into Carnarvon to get the truck fixed. 

As D ran off down the road I waved goodbye from the truck window and wondered what daily road adventures I would be missing and if my D would be okay without me. Glyn sensing my mood said “Don’t worry Maggie, she will be okay and we have a free day today so enjoy”.
We arrived at the RAC in Carnarvon and Terry the proprietor was quick to act, he had the starter motor out before I finished my breakfast and off to the auto electrician to get fixed. As it was going to take a few hours Merienne, G and I decided to walk into town to see the sights of Carnarvon. It is very rare that I get to see anything of a town as I am usually on the road running with D most of the day and rarely have time for anything else. You would agree that it is kind of impossible to run 50 -60kms a day and have time to sightsee.
After looking at the gallery and going to the Supermarket we arrived back around 2.00pm to find all was fixed and we were on our way back to D, Karin and Owen. By the time we got back to D she had nearly finished her kilometres for the day and I quickly jumped out of the truck and ran the last 7kms with her so I could say that I ran today. As you are aware D has to run the whole distance around Australia but I just run what I feel like. When we were finished D GPS’d the finishing spot and then we drove back to Carnarvon as D had to meet the Shire President, Dudley Maslin back in Carnarvon at the Capricorn Caravan Park for the official meet and greet. 
When D meet the Shire President, Dudley Maslin she instantly recognized him as she meet him when she walked around Australia back in 2003/2004 so there was a bit of catching up to do and of course the usually question of WHY would she go around Australia on foot again and D explains she is a BC survivor who wants to help raise funds for the NBCF. He then asked WHY she would run again after breaking both her feet Deborah replied "I nearly decided not to run again, as I thought after surviving breast cancer, raising $100K during the first half around Australia and going through a serious injury maybe I had done enough but I received an email through my website from a lady who told me that if I could survive breast cancer and run again after breaking both my feet she could survive secondary breast cancer and I knew then I had to finish what I started." Deborah adds "Ultimately this journey isn’t about the records it’s about me trying to give hope to women going through breast cancer, maybe inspiring survivors’ that there is life after BC and honouring the women who have lost their lives to this dreadful disease."
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 7,046,587          Total kms: 5574.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 25 27. 542’ E 114 03. 531’
GPS co-ords finish: S 25 08. 185’ E 113 50. 662’

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