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2nd Attempt: Day 116. A boat meets a house and the Pink Lady. Tuesday 20th July 2010, 63.4km, Steps 73164  (7/20/2010)

As the sun rose this morning and we started our day I was aware of the multitude of wildlife around us. Mr Emu, Mrs wild goats and her kids and Mr Roo where all having a good morning breakfast on the local culinary delights, it looked very high in fibre and was definitely organically grown.

As D and I are now well past the winter solstice and are moving north are days are becoming warmer and day light hours are growing in duration. After the months of rain and cold we have endured we do not mind this change in temperature. At morning tea after we crossed the 26th meridian which is the official latitude point indicating we are in the north of Australia, D celebrated the coming of the warmer weather and our northerly crossover by packing away nearly all of her cold running gear and replaced it with her summer running gear whilst I gave myself a good old shake to shed that excess hair.
After our spring clean we kept running down the Highway when suddenly I looked up to see a car with flashing yellow lights and a sign saying wide load. D called me with a raised voice “Maggie gets off the road”. I ran to her and she grabbed my collar and pulled me right off the road. As I sat there I looked behind me to see another car with flashing yellow lights and a wide load sign coming the opposite way. To my astonishment 2 huge semi trailers where coming towards us and each other at the same time but to my very surprised eyes one was carrying a huge boat and the other a house! D and I moved further into the bushes as the big trucks passed next to us with gravel flying in all directions. I guess the people in the cars who had pulled over to let everyone pass will be going home to their families tonight telling the tale of how they saw a boat meet a house, with a pink lady and her dog on the road today.
“The Pink Lady” is D everywhere we go people are starting to call D “The Pink Lady”. I think it should be the Pink Ladies don’t you? As they seam to miss out me. We arrive at places not excepting anyone to know us and people get all excited as the Pink Lady has arrived. As we wonder down the Hwy dozens of people are stopping wanting to get photos with the Pink Lady or give us a donation. It happened again today as we where running into the dusk towards Wooramel Roadhouse a lady from the roadhouse pulled over in her car as she had been expecting the Pink Lady all day to arrive and she was wondering how far we were away. By the time she left it was dark and we still had 3kms to go so I jumped into the truck and D ran the last distance in front of the truck lights. When we arrived it was to a huge warm clapped in welcome from the owners, Sharon and her husband and the other guests of the park, one of whom was a survivor.  D after running all day, and not expecting to perform for an audience then had to turn around and go to “work” giving a impromptu speech and doing some fundraising. By the time we got to be alone to get dinner ready, shower, get water etc it was very late and D nearly fell asleep whilst eating. But as D says “It’s all about fundraising so whatever it takes I will do”.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 6,945, 238          Total kms: 5487.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 26 18. 193’ E 114 25. 376’
GPS co-ords finish: S 25 46. 269’ E 114 17. 628’

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