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2nd Attempt: Day 112. Do dim sim´s make a dog run faster? Friday 16th July 2010, 43.3km, Steps 50897  (7/16/2010)

Due to the very late fundraising night and over indulging with food, I slept in this morning and neglected my most important duty of waking D and the crew. By the time we had packed up and driven back to the spot it was mid morning and D was worried that after working so hard to get ahead she would fall behind schedule again.

I wondered how I could catch up this morning’s lost kilometre. Perhaps I could enhance my performance somehow?  Someone did mention if I were to get a “Doggy Improvement Milometer” along with a “Simulated Instrument Mechanism” it may help. After much toeing and frowning on the ethics of such a move, I decided to give it a go, after all no one would know and so against my better judgement I indulged in a DIM SIM and off I took on all fours dragging D along behind me. 
For such a short day we made just over a marathon and camped at a wonderful spot called Galena Bridge I went to bed thinking that I must remember to eat more Chinese in the future when energy is required.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 6,665, 656          Total kms: 5244.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 28 11. 542’ E 114 38. 215’
GPS co-ords finish: S 27 49. 667’ E 114 41. 329’

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