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2nd Attempt: Day 111. Great community fundraising efforts. Thursday 15th July 2010, 43km, Steps 50557  (7/15/2010)

We got off to an early start as we wanted to get as many kilometres in before we had to get off the highway and drive back to Geraldton for the afternoon’s and evenings fundraisers.

About midmorning the phone rang, it was ABC Geraldton radio wanting to do an interview and as we ran into the beautiful town of Northampton, D did a phone interview about the run, on the run. Gee she is a clever human sometimes able to multi task like that.
About 2pm we had to stop running as we were 70kms past Geraldton and needed to drive back to make it to our first appointment of meeting the Mayor Ian Carpenter at Centro Geraldton. When we arrived at the shopping complex D quickly donned my pink coat and boots as the paparazzi was waiting for me plus a huge public crowd of well wishers. As we travel around the country, visiting community I am getting more and more fans coming to meet me at our public events and I am starting to wonder if by the time I get to Sydney I might need to employ a body guard not to mention on my return to Hobart I will definitely need to borrow the Pope-mobile and upgrade my tiara for the event.
We officially met the Mayor who presented us with a cheque for our cause and then the President of the Geraldton Lions Club Rolf Nagel presented us with a donation cheque as well. After a lot of photos and love from my adoring fans it was time to go to our next fundraising event at the Batavia Coast Caravan Park for my favourite a sausage sizzle.
I thought that I would grab a quick bite to eat and talk to a dozen people and then off to bed, gee was I wrong over 70 people had gathered for the event and the food was fantastic there was lamb chops, steak, salads, rolls, and of course sausage, sausage and more sausage. I ate to my hearts content and until my stomach was so full that I was bursting out of my pink coat. Just when I thought I couldn’t move from all the food I had consumed out came lobster mornay, how could I refuse to try this treat? As I tucked into my mornay D looked at me and said Maggie you definitely are running all day after all that food.
To D’s delight an old family friend Jean Edwards caught up with us all at the BBQ, D hadn’t seen Jean since she arrived into Geraldton during her walk around oz in 2004 so there was a lot of memory lame and catch up talking to do. As they talked on into the night I found myself a nice cosy corner to curl up in as I was very sleepy from all that food, I woke briefly as D carried me to the pouch palace laid me on my blankie and said goodnight. What a wonderful mum she is.
The most exciting news of the night was during our stay at Geraldton we raised over $3500 thanks all for your support.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 6,614, 759          Total kms: 5201.5km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 28 32. 743’ E 114 37. 826’
GPS co-ords finish: S 28 11. 542’ E 114 38. 215’

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