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2nd Attempt: Day 96. A trip to the hospital and daddy´s arrived. Wednesday 30th June 2010, 26.8km, Steps 33780 (6/30/2010)

D & I hit the road a little later this morning as we had a short day ahead and decided that a little sleep in would be great. We ran from Australind to the Old Coast Highway where we met up with Glyn, the truck and D’s folks for breakfast.

After breakfast D’s folks went ahead to Halls Head to fundraise for the day leaving D, Glyn and I to do our usual route of Glyn driving 7kms ahead and D and I running up to him. I was feeling a little tired after my big breakfast and the highway seemed a bit busy for my liking so I decided to go with Glyn on this leg.
G & I drove ahead and stopped about 7 kms up the road after a little while a man pulled over and told us that D had had a fall and was in need of the First Aid kit. Gavin, the man in the car, said he’s drive Glyn back to D but I was left fretting in the caravan. There I was fretting, fretting and fretting in the van just waiting & waiting to see what happened to D and how bad was the fall.
(The next account is from Glyn’s observation as I wasn’t there) OUCH! I was driven back to D and discovered that she had fallen onto the road and had punched a deep hole into her leg next to her knee; the wound was leaking blood, as well as weird small fat cells (known as adipose tissue). D had also bumped her head on the asphalt, as well as bruising her hip. Luckily, a couple Colin and Meagan had stopped when they saw D fall and they helped her reorientate as she was a little dazed and bruised by the experience.
I helped D bandage her wound, Gavin who had driven me to the crash scene wanted to drive D back to the van but of course stubborn D refused the offer as she had not yet done her minimum 20 km’s for the day and wanted to get to the van on foot. D thanked Colin, Meagan and Gavin and D & I walked the 7kms back to the van.
(Maggie’s account) I was so happy to finely see D but one look at her bloody bandaged knee and I was very worried and gave her a huge lick and I told her that maybe she should stop for the day as she has now got her kms in for the day but D decided to push on to get to the final stop point for the day and she pushed on to arrived at the Myalup Caravan Park around 2 pm with the knee looking a lot worse.
Luckily Alistair (daddy) had flown in from Launceston and arrived with another car so we all piled in and drove back to the Bunbury Hospital. D got stitched up and an all clear but a warning to take it easy from the doctor for a few days. I laughed quietly to myself as if she would be taking that advice I thought. We drove back to the Myalup Caravan Park where we caught up with D’s folk for the night, as I looked around the dinner table all the people I love where back together Daddy (Alistair), Glyn, D’s folks and D all there in one piece (well D stitched back to one piece) and I was very happy what more can a dog as for?
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,870, 684          Total kms: 4545.3km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 33 18. 271’ E 115 42. 213’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 06. 156’ E 115 41. 457’

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