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2nd Attempt: Day 94. Breakfast with a friend and a dedication. Monday 28th June 2010, 32.9km, Steps 39440 (6/28/2010)

We left the Balingup Transit stop and headed into town to the local bakery, a French patisserie, as D wanted to have breakfast with Wendy before she left town. At the French patisserie D was in heaven, D’s grandmother was French and a very good pastry cook also D has spent time in Paris, therefore the food on display made her mouth water plus the patisserie served true French style bowls of cafe latte what more could D want to start the day but croissants’ and lots of coffee! After breakfast Wendy walked D to the edge of town and they said there goodbyes with big promises that the next time they catch up it will be for more time than just over night.

On that note, D & I headed for Donnybrook a good solid uneventful 30kms run and on our arrive at the local IGA we were met by the Shire President Steve who presented D with a donation cheque from council, plus the IGA gave a presentation with this huge cheque. Never in my life had I seen such a large cheque it took 2 people with both hands to hold the thing and I started to wonder how we were going to get that to the bank when D told me it was just for show and the real cheque was in an envelope in her back pocket. Oh I thought, silly humans always showing off, pretending that everything is bigger or they do more than they really do. 
When the big cheque had been put away a quiet spoken older man Pat Dawson gave D a substantial donation as he had lost his daughter Deborah Gardner (Dawson) 5 years ago to breast cancer . D was so moved by this man, this father, who had lost his daughter and the pain that he still holds because of this. D though of her own father (Owen) who everyday is with D helping her achieve her goal and she hugged Pat and asked if she could dedicate today’s kilometres to his daughter, Pat said yes so today is in memory of Deborah, a much loved daughter and woman of the Donnybrook community.
After yet another emotion meet & greet D walked with her mum to the Donnybrook transit stop and as they walked D shed a tear for the Dawson’s family loss. I walked closed to my D for comfort as I know sometimes this journey is emotional very hard on her as she tries to be there for so many who have lost loved ones or for the ones going through cancer. I know that the weight of the journey is sometimes heavy on D’s shoulders and I could see that she was thinking of the Dawson’s family loss as she walked along. D’s mum gave her a hugged and told her she was glad she survived breast cancer and that it was meant to be, as today she helped a family by honouring her daughter, this made D smile and she said “I hope it was enough”. Believe me D it is.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,787,607          Total kms: 4477.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 33 46. 933’ E 115 59. 163’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 34. 223’ E 115 49. 205’

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