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2nd Attempt: Day 93. Meeting old friends, and ode to D and a dedication. Sunday 27th June 2010, 61.5km, Steps 69819 (6/27/2010)

D and I hit the Highway early this morning as D wanted to get to Balingup for a fundraising event via Bridgetown today as this will put us back on track with the schedule, making up the day lost due to recent rains.

We reached Bridgetown about 12pm and was greeted by Barbara and Warren Johnson along with Leon Sander and journalist Lee from the local paper. Barbara wanted to walk into town with D as when she was Shire President of Kununurra in 2004 she had walked into Kununurra when D during the walk around Oz (see Leon is a fellow athlete and Lee wanted some photos and information for the local people.
During the photo shoot, where of course I just shined, Lee told D about a local artist and avid breast cancer fundraiser, Glynis Moore of Bridgetown who lost her battle with cancer on 19/06/10.   A few years ago Glynis had got other local artists in the community together to paint portraits and then got these images produced into a calendar which they sold around the district to raise funds for breast cancer and yet lost her life to cancer. D was touched by Glynis story and asked Lee if there was a way we could contact Glynis family so she could dedicate today’s kms in memory of Glynis, quick as a wink Lee had Tareyn, Glynis’ daughter on the phone and after a bit of a teary conversation we got permission to dedicate today to Glynis. Thanks Glynis for your contribution in life to help others and today’s kms are for you.
After getting the dedication sorted D and Barbara caught up on their recent histories over a quick coffee and then Leon, D and I headed out of Bridgetown towards Balingup. Leon stayed with us until the Hester Hill where he then ran back to town. He was smart cause it was a hill, up and up we went and it wasn’t the last of them, we had quite a few hilly kilometres before D & I ran into Balingup after 6pm to be welcomed by other old friend of D’s Wendy Trow and members of the Balingup Community and Balingup Medieval Society who were all dressed in mediaeval attire to welcome D & I into their town with a procession of drums. We had an official greet by the queen of Balingup and then a Proclamation was announce about our run. It went as follows….
Let it be known throughout the land of Balingup
that, upon tgus dat, the 27th of June
in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten, that
Deborah De Williams
Is herby promoted to the rank of
Deborah once walked around Australia,
Collecting taxes to support the Kids Help Line.
It is exceedingly rare for tax collectors to return from
this long and dangerous journey, however in this case,
Deborah was so well received by the communities
that she is now running around the country to
collect taxes to support breast cancer research.
It is a rare and exceptional occasion that we hail
the arrival of a tax collector, especially one
accompanied by a ferocious dog
however we are pleased to receive
both into our not-so-humble community.
All hail Deborah de Williams.
HERO OF THE REALM and afford her safe passage
though the land of Balingup, our centre of the Universe!.
Now I ask you D’s the hero?? And I am the ferocious dog?? That just doesn’t seam right to me and I was just about to tell these humans that they got it all wrong when Wendy announced that Balingup had managed to raise over $2000 for our cause. Big cheers by all and I could hardly bite someone after they had done such an effort for our cause. 
Wendy then recited a poem she had written for D.
An Ode to Deborah
I know of many Aussies
Who say they’ve had enough
So buy a spiffy caravan
And say “that’s it, we’re off”
But rare it is for someone
To leave the wheels behind
Walkers on our outback roads
Are very hard to find
One day seven years ago
Deborah walked round Oz
When asked what made her do it
She simply said “because”.
Once home she faced more challenges
As cancer struck one day.
She fought it with a vengeance
And sent it on its way.
Now most would take some time to rest
Relax and have some fun.
But Deb thought “I shall go again…
But this time I shall run”.
“Raising funds for research
Round Oz I’ll surely jog
To find a cure for cancer
I’ll even take my dog”
I don’t think Maggie realized
How great would be the test
And so she turned to sabotage
To get a few days rest.
Poor Deb was down to one good leg
A broken foot’s no fun
But hobbled on to Darwin
And there she said “I’m done”
Back home, both feet in plaster
(The second cause by stress).
She could have given up right then
…………but didn’t non-the-less.
She emailed all her friends again
To say she’d be in town
“My God” I thought “what does it take
To keep this woman down??”
In awe we stand in Balingup
To cheer you on your way.
We hope you get home safely
…..Before you hair turns grey.
Wendy Trow
Now that was it for me not only was I announced a ferocious dog but now they were staying that I sabotaged D’s first attempt, I was really not happy now but D bent down and gave me a loving cuddle and said it’s all just in fun Maggie and then I was surrounded by people patting and adoring me so all was forgiven.
After the fundraising presentation D & I then went out with the crew to Wendy’s for dinner. YUM! Homemade organic veggie lasagne. A great night was had by all then it was back to the transit stop where we had set up for the night and we all hit the sack, tired after such a long day.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,748,167          Total kms: 4445km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 34 13. 330’ E 116 09. 194’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 46. 933’ E 115 59. 163’

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