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2nd Attempt: Day 91. Broken day with a fundraiser in between and night running. Friday 25th June 2010, 49.1km, Steps 57983 (6/25/2010)

It was freezing this morning -1 degree, that’s Tassie winter weather and as D and I ran along we were breathing smoke from our mouths and I started to have a bit of a whinge about the weather. D said to me smile and look at the beauty around you, Maggie, we are amongst tall giant trees, on windy roads breathing pure air just like home in Tassie and soon we will be having a great homemade mum’s cooked breakfast of scrambled free range eggs on homemade bread!  That made me feel a lot better and I ran on to our breakfast stop with no more complaints. After breakfast the sun had raised a little putting some warmth into the day and for the first time in two days the sky had cleared and it promised to be a sunnier day ahead.
As D has a fundraising event in Manjimup this afternoon, but due to the last two days of bad weather causing us to behind in kilometres, therefore way too far out, to make Manjimup today it was decide that D would run as far as she could by until 2pm, GPS the spot, than drive the rest of the way to Manjimup for the fundraising event than drive back to the GPS spot to start running again tomorrow.
Therefore for most of the day D had her head down and her i-pod on and she just ran until she reached Weld River about 70 kms from Manjimup at about 2.15pm, unfortunately it wasn’t really a good place to camp and as we were running out of time to make the fundraising appointment on time so we had to leave it there and look for a spot to camp as we drove forward to our appointment. Whilst driving we discovered a camp spot about 5.5kms from Weld River were we could all park for the night but this meant that D would have to run this 5.5kms after our return form the fundraising events which would probably mean she would be running in the dark.
We drove to the outskirts of Manjimup where we met by the paparazzi, (I shined of course), and members from the Manjimup Apex and Rotary and D was presented with a donation cheque from Apex members. We were than given a motorcycle escort to the Tall Timbers Café where the Rotary club of Manjimup had organized a fundraising afternoon tea and yummy a got a homemade sausage roll and D got her favourite, café latte   There were many speeches by the CEO of Manjimup, Rotary Lions President and of course D but I fell asleep about half way through because of the warm log fire and a full belly.   It didn’t really matter that I slept through most of it as I have heard it all before and quite frankly after nearly 2 years I am sick to death of D’s speech. D did give me a nudge when it was time to receive the fundraising money and of course as usual I put my best paw forward after all it is for a great cause.
The fundraiser event finally finished about 6pm and we drove back to Weld River, when D in the dark and very cold night ran the 5.5kms to a parking bay where we spent the night. I often wonder how does she does it and all with always a smile on her face what incredible passion she has to help others.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,599,508          Total kms: 4315.5km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 34 59. 112’ E 116 40.706’
GPS co-ords finish: S 34 39. 192’ E 116 29. 749’

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