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2nd Attempt: Day 89.The big wet. Wednesday 23rd June 2010, 27.7km, Steps 34642 (6/23/2010)

We awoke to very heavy storms this morning and waited over an hour in the hope that the rains would pass before we embarked on today’s run but unfortunately no such luck, so D finally got dressed wrapped herself and her feet in plastic and started the day. The rain was fairly steady and by the time we ran the 3 kms from the caravan park back into Denmark D was soaked through and I was 1 soggy doggy. 

As there was a wonderful prize winning bakery in Denmark which also sold D favourite morning beverage, cafe latte’s so D decided to try and dry off a bit and have breakfast at the bakery, as she was waiting for her order a lady come up to D gave her a donation and a huge hug plus a pat for me, as she had seen us on the news last night and wanted to give us her support. Before D had finished her breakfast another 3 people had given us donations, hugs and pats,  D might have been cold from the weather but we were very warm from all the love and support we was getting  
Unfortunately during our breakfast time the rain didn’t subside and D realised that she wouldn’t be getting the scheduled 66kms into and would just have to try and get as many kilometres in today as she could handle in these wet weather conditions. I was very worried about D being in such wintry conditions as she is still recovering from her cold so Glyn and I made a plan that we would only go about 3kms ahead so D could ply D with warm herbal tea’s when she arrived at the van and make sure fresh clothes & shoes where there if needed.
We left D for our first 3km legged and just as we arrived at our spot the hail started to come down I thought my paw D now she has to run in hail. By the time she reached the van she was very wet but had a huge smile on her face as she had received a very generous donation for our cause. We gave D a warm cup of black adder tea, help her changed her shoes and clothes and then watched her go out into the hail and rain again. This became our route for the day D getting drenched by hail and rain, she receiving donations and us supplying her with new shoes, clothes and warm drinks. By about 2pm there were three pair’s of shoes across the dashboard of the car heaters in a desperate bid to dry them as D was running out of  dry shoes fast!
After 4 hours of being soaked D had had enough and we found a parking bay where we could stop for the night. I headed for the Pooch Palace and D headed for under the doona to try and warm up as she said she couldn’t feel her toes due to the cold.
Even though D was a little disappointed with the small kms day as it means yet again we are behind she was very happy with all the support and donations we received on the road today as raising funds to help others not go through breast cancer like she did is one of D’s passions in life
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,485,502          Total kms: 4219.1km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 34 58. 234’ E 117 22. 024’
GPS co-ords finish: S 34 59. 473’ E 117 06.491’

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