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2nd Attempt: Day 88. A worn out D and a dedication. Tuesday 22nd June 2010, 49.1km, Steps 60330 (6/22/2010)

Due to D running near 60kms for the last few days with a ragging cold the Running Pink team decided to let her have a little sleep in and we woke her at about 7.30am and it seemed that the good night sleep combined with all the Eucalyptus Oil D’s been breathing in seems to have settled the fever symptoms and she now just has a regular cold.

Denmark was our goal today and we had around 50 kms to cover so after breakfast D hit the road. During the morning we ran mostly through green hill on windy narrow roads and I was thinking to myself the surrounds were a lot like what we run though back home and for a moment I was very home sick and felt a little sad as I wouldn’t see the green hills of home again for another 9 months. I knew that in D’s condition she didn’t want to hear me complain so I kept my mouth shut and my emotions to myself and just kept on running until we arrived at the van for morning tea. Whilst have a relaxing cuppa a crew from GWN arrived to do a statewide television interview on the side of the road. 
After the interview I was ready to start running again and I looked around for D and couldn’t find her. I looked down the road to see if she had left without me but there was no familiar pink figure, I wondered where she could be? I finally found her curled up under the doona in bed, she was just so tired and worn out after all the kms, media and fundraising events that she fell asleep, so I lay down beside her and had a wee nap as well.
We both woke several hours later and realised that we still had over 35kms to do and it was getting on in the day so D hit the road and kept running finally arriving at the Denmark River Caravan Park around 7 pm some 3 hours behind the schedule arrival time. However Jen Langridge was at the park to meet D, Jen was brought up in Tassie and now lives in Denmark and had lost her mum to breast & ovarian cancer on 30/01/2006. Deborah was so touch when Jen talked about her love for her mum and the fact that she had been waiting in the cold for 3 hours to meet D that she would like to dedicate today’s kilometres to Eileen Langridge, Jen’s mum.
After saying goodbye to Jen D went to her mum’s van and gave her mum a huge hug as she felt lucky to have her mum here as she realised how terrible it would be as a daughters to not have here mum around. An exhausted D then went to bed more determined to raise as much funds as possible to stop this disease.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 5,450,860          Total kms: 4191.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 35 00.008’ E 117 49.984’
GPS co-ords finish: S 34 58. 234’ E 117 22. 024’

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