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2nd Attempt: Day 78. Morning mix up and a special night. Saturday 12th June 2010, 52.6km, Steps 61941 (6/12/2010)

We had a late start to the day as D and I were all dressed and ready to go when D switched on her GPS watch and Oh oh the watch’s battery was flat! D thought she had plugged, the GPS watch in to charge overnight but it hadn’t and we couldn’t go anywhere until it was fully charged again, as this GPS records for the running records. Therefore D decided to have breakfast before she started so the GPS would be charged.

After a bit of a long and length breaky due to waiting for the GPS to charge we left Grass Patch with Gibson as our target for the day. Our first stop for the day was at Scaddan and the local park had a series of poles painted by local children. D decided it was time to give me a little agility training, weaving in and out between the poles. It was great fun and D thought it was good for my mental dexterity.
We ran on through lush green sheep and cattle station interrupted by huge wheat fields. We arrived in Gibson at dusk and stopped at the Gibson Soak Hotel. D & Glyn went into the hotel to find out if we could free camp at the back of the hotel and we discovered that a stranger had bought a couple of beers for D and Glyn  as well as leaving a rose for D and a bone for me how special. When D asked if we could stay behind the hotel the lady, Di who owned the hotel gave her a key to the motel unit and said have a good night, shower etc. on us, D had tears in her eyes for the generous act but her first concern was for me and ask if I could be in the room too and of course I was welcome!
After D & Glyn had had showers, put on some fresh clothes and I was very happy cuddled up in the hotel room bed, D & Glyn decided to shout themselves to dinner at the hotel. After an extremely beautiful meal D went to pay and the publican Phil and his wife Di told us the dinner was on the house. That was it for D she just had to be the happy hugger and she gave both Phil and Di a huge hug each. I would just like to personal thank them both for their wonderful support and making a special evening for D and to your great chef as the leftovers D gave me were fantastic! Lamb shanks yummy!
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 4,281,502          Total kms: 3636km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 33 13.726’ E 121 42.866’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 39.107’ E 121 48.839’

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