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2nd Attempt: Day 76: We lost D! Thursday 10th June 2010, 63.7km, Steps 73460 (6/10/2010)

Today was another very cold start and we had a big day ahead so D was anxious to get going therefore we left the crew behind in the Gateway Caravan Park and headed off in the dark. We had run about 6kms when Little Pink caught up with us and Glyn handed out the driver window a warm hot Café Latte for D she was so excited as she hadn’t had one for a very long time that she nearly dropped it but just managed a great save. With a full tank of coffee in her D run a further 6kms before the breakfast stop where Big Pink, our canteen was waiting with poached eggs, multigrain toast and a bit of bacon for me. 

After breakfast D decided to run along the gravel tracks that service the rail line from Norseman to Esperance that she thought ran parallel to the road so with her head down and her head phones on we headed down the track. D was so engrossed with what she was listening too that she hadn’t realised that the track we were running on curved away from the road and soon there was no road running next to the track, oh my god, I tried to warn D but she wasn’t responding as she was in a little world of her own, so I gave her a tiny nip on the leg and she looked up, turned off her i-pod and realised that she couldn’t hear any road traffic.   Luckily D still had phone reception and she managed to contact her Mum and Dad and a plan was devised that since the track crossed the road what we thought was about 20kms ahead we would stay running along the track and the crew would somehow get us water, food etc. We thought this was the best strategy as a) D had the GPS on her recording the kilometres so it didn’t really matter that she wasn’t on the road and b) D has the worst sense of direction so we didn’t really want her bush bashing to find the road as she would probably get us more lost.
The crew drove on until they were in range of the rail track and then D dad, Owen uncoupled Big Pink’s 4WD from the van and G and Owen took off to look for us. After some speedy 4WD bush bashing which the boys thoroughly enjoyed they finally found us about 25kms down the track from our breakfast spot and we were informed that it was actually another 6 kilometres before we would meet up with the Pink Convoy again. D was given some Ribena and chocolates whilst unfortunately my rations were confined to h2o only and we ran on until the rail line crossed the highway were we had a late lunch.
By this stage I was too tired to go on and D run on until dusk where she decided to call it a day and we pulled the vans onto the service track next to railway line for the night. We thought as there were only 3 iron ore trains during the day that the line wouldn’t be used much during the night. Oh how we were wrong and after many toots later and a night of interrupted sleep it was soon morning again and the start of a new day.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 4,147,103          Total kms: 3519.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 32 11.370’ E 121 46.598’
GPS co-ords finish: S 32 41.316’E 121 32.388’

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