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2nd Attempt: Day 70: Headwind doesn´t help long - distance-itus. Friday 4th June 2010, 43km, Steps 49693. (6/4/2010)


I knew something was up with my D today when she turned off the alarm rolled over and went back to sleep, I thought she just wanted a little extra R & R after the last few bigger kilometre days but as the day wore on I realised that there was a little more to it.
We started the day with a thick fog all around us which made visibility poor, not that it mattered much as we are still on the straight and didn’t really need to see much other than the straight white line ahead of us on the road. It was a little problematic with the traffic though as the road trains couldn’t see us until they were almost on top of us so for my own safety D told me to get back into the pink truck until the fog lifted.
D came into breakfast around 8am and during breakfast she just sat silently sipping her coffee which was unusual for her, I tried to ask her what was up she just said that she was tired. After breakfast the fog started to lift so I decided to keep my now very solemn D company for a while, however with the lifting of the fog our slight head breeze lifted as well and turned into a good strong head wind and the first time ever I held D express out loud her discontent with the constant battle we seem to be having with the weather.
D’s mood didn’t improve during morning tea, not even her favourite homemade ANZAC cookies could lift her spirits and she seemed to linger in the caravan and wasn’t in much of a hurry to get out there. By lunch time I could tell that D just didn’t want to be on the road anymore and I started to worry about her as in this journey it’s all about what does on in your head that helps you stay positive to continue running day in and day out. Then I realise that D is starting to show signs of long- distance-itus, this happens when you seem to run and run and run over long stretches of road where nothing much happens. As it’s our third day running on a straight road with no curves in sight the symptoms of long – distance – itus have began to appear so I realised that a black and white solutions needed to be put in place. I grabbed D’s I-pod and put one of her favourite motivational songs Paul Kelly’s “From little things big things grow” and made her listen to it repetitively until she understood that we needed to take small steps everyday before we can achieve our bigger goal.   Then I nipped her on the ankle and told her to snap out of it because in just under 4 months we will be in Darwin and will achieve our first goal of being the first female and (super) dog to run the entire distance around Australia. She smiled for the first time today and I realise I had diverted disaster and cured D’s long – distance –itus for now.
After my “pet” talk we continued to run down the 90 mile straight when suddenly D stopped, I thought what’s up now, and run back to see. On my arrival D pointed into the bush and WOW a camel stood watching us. Apparently there are one million camels in Australia and I have just seen one of them does that mean I had a one in a million chance of seeing one today. However on seeing the camel I was reminded of our visit to Port Pirie and all of a sudden I was thinking yum camel steak which really isn’t right as he looked very friendly. However as I arrived at our camp spot at Woorlba Station and settled down into the pooch palace, I couldn’t help going to bed dreaming about one million camel steaks for me and after the great deeds I had achieved with D’s long-distance-itus today I think I deserve it.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,798,261          Total kms: 3216.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 32 23. 652’ E 124 28.340’
GPS co-ords finish: S 32 26. 720’ E 124 01. 462’

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