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2nd Attempt: Day 67: Good news about feet, the circus is in town and watching the weather channel. Tuesday 1st June 2010, 45.1km, Steps 54695. (6/1/2010)


D rose this morning and as usual strapped her feet to start the day, after the double surgery D needs to take precautions with her feet and now wears strapping to give support to her navicula bones, the only problem is she is a bit sensitive to the strapping so she now wears a permanent rash on her feet. I looked at her this morning as I know after yesterday’s huge effort her feet were really sore and that she now had to face another day on the road, as her custom she gave my head a reassuring pat as if to say don’t worry everything will be fine and then she pulled from a cupboard a lovely red box she opened the lid and there in lay a luminous pink and white pair of brand new Saucony running shoes and she commented that these were a lovely way to start the day.
D slipped into her new shoes and stepped out onto the highway with a new bounce in her step I started to wonder how I’d keep up with her today but D latched onto my concern and told me not to worry as she had to wear the shoes in so she would only be doing about 20kms in them today so to prevent blisters. As we ran along I wondered if Saucony would make some dog runners for me and I started to create branding names for them I think my favourites would be Pro – Canines or maybe Canine-Glides. I was so pleased with my ideas that I thought maybe when this run is finished I should go into dog marketing as a career path.
As D and I ran towards our pink home for morning tea, near the Cocklebiddy Caves we were meet by a couple from Perth who had saw us on the road and waited to meet us. D went into our whole story including her broken feet and the women asked D if she was experiencing swelling in her feet, D said she was and my ears pricked up as she had not mentions to me or the rest of the crew that she was having this issue. The women was obviously a nurse and told D that after surgery especially on your feet that if you do any large amount of exercise evening swelling would occur but it was only natural and not a great concern. I could see the look of relief spread over D’s face and she thanked the women for her advice. 
As we goodbye to the couple I chastised D her not mentioning her concerns about her feet, D just shrugged her shoulder and told me that she didn’t want to talk about it before as she didn’t want to focus on the negative as it gave it power.   I rolled my eyes at her and thought here goes that new age stuff again and told her in no uncertain terms the next time she has an issue just tell me. I think what I said went in one ear and out the other sometimes D can be really stubborn unlike me of course who is always level headed.
After morning tea we kept seeing trucks with the name Circus Royal on them and we realised that the circus was on the move travelling to their new destination. D and I gave them all a wave and I secretly hoped I would see some elephants on the Nullarbor but unfortunately we didn’t. I did dream for a moment about running away and joining the Circus but I guess I would have to perform just as much as I do now for my supper.
We ran on into the afternoon and the clouds started to roll in bringing with them the rain and the cold so I decided to spend the rest of the day in the pink truck so I could enjoy the view instead of getting wet and cold. Of course D had to keep running and as she plodded on I watched the landscape be transformed by the weather. The plain was spectacular, blue grey salt bush dotted with dark green trees back dropped by huge cumulus clouds, pure white to dark grey, splashed with the blue sky behind and with sunlights touched a rainbow crescendo. D decided that the running into dust in the rain was something she just didn’t want to do again so she pulled over for the night at the next parking bay a place called Jillbunya Rockhole so she could have a wee drink and watch the evening weather channel that was before us.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,611,665          Total kms: 3055.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 02. 288’ E 126 05. 878’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 10. 425’ E 125 40. 451’

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