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2nd Attempt: Day 66: 3000km Mark! Monday 31st May 2010, 67.8km, Steps 77291. (5/31/2010)


What a huge day! It ended up being D’s biggest kilometre day on the road so far during this 2nd attempt (2nd half) but it’s amazing what a girl will do when there is a hot shower on offer at the end of the day.
Our day started very cold, no sun, no warmth and a strong side cold side wind so I decided to sit it out in the warmth of the pink truck for and hour or two until the sun had at least warmed the earth a little. D ran a good solid two hours before she come in for breakfast and she was a little chilled so I decided to sit on her for a while and give her big cuddles to warm her up but unfortunately I was a little too enthusiastic with my affection and D spilt her coffee all over herself, this meant a change of clothing. Paw D as water is very sparse out here, there is no facilities to wash clothes so she needs to stretch out her clothing until we reach Norseman and I had now spilt coffee all over her clothes so I was feeling very guilty. Of course D in her usual fashion just smiled at me and said “Don’t worry Maggie when they dry I’ll just turn them inside out and wear them for another week, no one will be the wiser” I looked at her and wondered if she was pulling my tail or not.
As I was feeling a tad guilty I decided to join D for a run after breakfast even though it was still very cold. We were running down the highway and low and behold down the road come a red tractor. It was Ken from Tassie who we had meet just outside Murray Bridge, he was on his way back across the Nullarbor from visiting his son in Perth. Ken and Deborah were very pleased to see each other and they gave each other a huge hug like old friends and then chattered furiously. I looked on and thought that when two kindred spirits meet it is a little magical.   Ken has a sign on the back of his trailer that says “You might think I am crazy but I will die laughing” I know that D has that same attitude so of course the two just clicked. With promises to catch up when D gets home to Tassie Ken left us, waving goodbye as he drove on in his tractor.
We run on at a steady pace and by 4pm we crossed the 3000km mark which was about 10kms from Cocklebiddy Roadhouse and 57.9kms for the day. This mark was D major goal for the day and as the sunsets very early out her about 4.30pm we were thinking that maybe we should bush camp but D decided that after 4 days she really would love a hot shower to celebrate the 3000km mark so she decided to run the distance to Cocklebiddy.  D grabbed her torch and her reflector vest, (pink of course) and told Glyn and I to go ahead to Cocklebiddy which we did. As the day turned into night I was very unsettled as my D was running in the dark all on her own however by 5.30pm she arrived and I gave her a huge hug. I was very proud of her not just because she made the 3000km mark today but she achieved the highest kms day so far and I know how much it hurts her feet to do that. Deborah truly is my champion; she has never allowed either her breast cancer on her broken feet as an excuse to stop her from this journey around Australia to help raise funds for the betterment of others.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,556,970          Total kms: 3010.6km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 55. 685’ E 126 46.718’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 02. 288’ E 126 05. 878’

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