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2nd Attempt: Day 65: An interview with a potato, donations galore and a garden boosting into life. Sunday 30th May 2010, 50.3km, Steps 57004. (5/30/2010)


Paul and Liz extended their kindness to us this morning as they awoke early; way before their normal holiday rising time to help directed Glyn out of the camp ground onto the highway. D had already left in the dark and we caught up with her just as the sun was making its ascent and as it looked like we would be having a great running day ahead, with not much wind I decided to jump out of the car and run with D the 5 kilometres till breakfast. I was rewarded by my running efforts when some moments later a couple pulled over and gave D our first donation for the day. 
After breakfast we sent Glyn ahead for the usual 6kms leg and started running again after about ½ a km a huge road train pulled over and the driver jumped out and gave us another donation then asked if we wouldn’t mind having an interview with Spud. I thought Spud was a friend of his but it turned out that spud was a potato that had his own facebook page called “If a potato rolls ur way think hey free potato” and conducts interviews all over the country. Now Spud is a bit of a fugitive as he has illegally crossed many fruit and vegetable quarantine borders throughout Australia but please don’t dob Spud in as he is helping to spread the word of our fundraising efforts.
After our interview with Spud we run on about 1km and there was the pink truck with some cars pulled next to it we thought that’s strange as we accepted Glyn to be about 5kms away. As it turned out Glyn had started driving down the highway and was confronted by a car on the opposite side of the road flashing its lights at Glyn and a women waving him down with money in her hand, of course Glyn very quickly come to a halt, he is well training in getting the donations. As Glyn was explaining to Lyn (the women with the donation) and her partner D and I arrived. D found out that Lyn was a breast cancer survivor and was diagnosed just 2 years ago and had travelled from WA to Melbourne to be part of the “Field of Women” event held at the MCG on the 7th of May this year. The “Field of Women” is a very powerful, life affirming occasion that brings together breast cancer survivors and women who are currently dealing with BC in a positive atmosphere. 
After inviting Lyn to join us on the road when we would be in her area, we run on into Madura where would you believe it we received more donations from people and the roadhouse and fellow travellers stopped there. These donations spurred D and I on to tackle the Madura pass, a steep hill climb after days and days of flat. We run up the pass to the plateau above the plain and looked back across spectacular views and we both felt elated by the view and our morning’s experiences. The plain was beautiful, green and fresh from the rains and D turned to me and sang the line out of a Snow Patrol song “Show me a garden that’s boosting into life”. From our high view the Nullarbor looked like a bush garden with new life all around and up close many of the bushes were starting to flower.  At that moment I felt that even though our crossing has been at times hard with head winds and lots of rain the result was that we were probably seeing it at it’s most beautiful.
On top of the plateau we noticed that the landscaped change slightly with more trees and less saltbush but this didn’t alter the generosity of the drivers we had not run more that 4 kms when another car pulled over and gave us a donations. What a fundraising day we were having and in the middle of so called no where! However I was starting to get a little tired from having to repeat my story over and over again so at the 50kms mark when a nice rest area appeared I suggest to D that we pull off the road for the day so I could have goods things like a pat and food before I hit the pooch palace for some well deserved rest. This fundraising is awfully tiring but I know it’s for a great cause so I will solider on.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,479,679          Total kms: 2942.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 54. 615’ E 127 17.244’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 55. 685’ E 126 46.718’

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