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2nd Attempt: Day 63: What is with the weather? Friday 28th May 2010, 36.9km, Steps 44227. (5/28/2010)


That’s it I have had enough! You might be wondering why I have made such a statement it’s because of the weather. 
The morning started great D and I left Mundrabilla at daybreak and D as usually stopped quickly into the roadhouse to say thanks for letting us stay and received a wonderful surprise, she was giving by Marie a plate of homemade cupcakes covered in pink icing with Running Pink written on one and the pink ribbon symbol on the others. Marie had got up very early in the morning to freshly bake these and D was deeply touched with such a kind gesture and I was very happy as I am a little partial to the odd pink cupcake. We run down the road feeling very happy and looking forward to morning tea.
About 12kms into our days run we were hit by another storm which produced headwinds that made Mondays winds seem like child’s play! The wind was horrific, I couldn’t even lift my front paw to move and we were desperately trying to get to the van as the rain started to pelted down. That was it for me I had reached my limit of being wet and was just sick and tired of running into strong head winds that I have decided until the weather improves I am not stepping a paw out of the pink truck! People keep on telling us that this is very unusually weather for this time of year all I can say to that is please weather gods give us some usual weather.
Unfortunately my D didn’t have that luxury of not being out there and after the rain subsided she went back on the road and battled with the wind for another 13kms until she sat down in the van for a warm cup of tea and a bite to eat. At this stage I could tell that D was very tired and was reluctant to go back out in such horrific conditions, I knew that she was thinking that it would be great to stop and just curl up in bed and get warm and I tried to convey to her that hey who would blame her if she did. But D knew that 25kms was just too short for the day and as she is even conscious of making in across the Nullarbor in time for her next fundraising event in Norseman she decided to push on. Over the next 10kms D was reward for her bravery in battling the elements as she received a couple of donations from people travelling on the road and when she saw me again she said “See Maggie it was worth the struggle” I just looked at her and thought you have got to be joking!
Finally at 4.30pm I had had enough of seeing my D struggle and I made an executive decision to set up camp for the night in the entrance to Mundrabilla homestead and for once D didn’t object for being pulled of the road early.  Whilst D was tucked up in her warm bed having homemade potato soup for dinner I got the bone from the other nights lamb roast, yum. I finished what I could and then I thought that I would bury the rest so it will be here for me on D’s next trip around Australia. I thought that was a very smart idea to be so prepared for the future and went to bed thinking what a clever dog I am.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,359,806          Total kms: 2837.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 49. 004’ E 128 13. 551’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 52. 493’ E 127 51.447’

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