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2nd Attempt: Day 62: Mixed up in time and running in a desert storm. Thursday 27th May 2010, 66km, Steps 75178. (5/27/2010)


D and I woke up at our usually time this morning but something was very different as it was already day light instead of being the usual morning darkness, this was due to the different in time zones from SA to WA and we realised that we will need to adjust our running schedule to suit the difference in the daylight hours. 
As we were leaving the Eucla Caravan Park we gave a finally farewell wave to all the well wishes, the Big Roll guys and the people of the Eucla hotel, motel caravan complex than we run down the Eucla pass onto the plain. The view from the pass was magnificent with the plain stretching out before us as flat as flat can be and as far as the eye can see.
As we ran out onto the plain I detected movement in the grasses on the side of the road sadly there laid an injured kangaroo. Luckily D still had mobile phone reception so she got on the phone straight away and rang the Eucla Roadhouse, who said they would contact the local animal rescue person who could help the injured animal, thank goodness for that and we could run on knowing that the animal would be okay.
As D want to reach Mundrabilla Roadhouse some 66 odd kms away there was no time to loose. We were having a very good solid day of running and about 19kms from Mundrabilla a 4WD pulled over with two girls in it, Arianne and Marie who both worked at the Roadhouse and Marie who wanted to ride her bike next to D for a while. D was delighted to have company in the middle of the Nullarbor and she learnt that Marie was from the north of France and had arrived in Australia about 6 months ago and had got a job straight away at the Roadhouse.   
All was going well and the girls were have a great chat until D and Marie looked down the road to see a wall of charcoal grey clouds heading towards them. Marie had her bike in the back of the 4WD before you could say ´au revoir´ leaving D to face the inevitable on her own, a huge electrical storm. 
As lightening started to flash across the sky, the day turned into night quickly and it was only 4.30pm! The time zone mix up had cause us to misjudge the length of daylight and as previously we could run until 5.30pm with the sun just setting now we were faced with a situation that it would be completely dark by 5pm with still 10kms to go and a huge strong brewing all around us. As the lightening turning into a desert storm with strong winds, rain and complete darkness D’s running day turning into a very difficult plight but instead of pulling over D decided to run on and make it to Mundrabilla. She finally arrival about an hour later she was very cold and wet but happy as she had completed her goal for the day and was reward by a hot shower, dinner and bed. 
Just before she went to sleep I asked D how she felt to run in that terrible storm she turned to me gave me a lovely cuddled and said “It was the most terrifying yet most exhilarating thing” and then she fell asleep. I thought about what she had said and I guess the fear of being out there in the storm was equal to the visual beauty of the storm itself; this could be a metaphor for life the fear of living your true life, the life you are destined to live whilst contributing to others is a path with many obstacles and fears but the joy one receives when their life is on purpose is exhilarating and holds the true meaning of happiness. 
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,315,579          Total kms: 2800.5km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 40. 720’ E 128 52.887’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 49. 004’ E 128 13. 551’

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