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2nd Attempt: Day 61: Unrequited love and a border crossing. Wednesday 26th May 2010, 51.1km, Steps 61640. (5/26/2010)


We woke from another night of rain and it was a REALLY cold morning and in my half dreaming/waking state and feeling cold I thought for a moment I was back home waking to a Tassie winter morning but reality soon hit in and I realised that I was actually in the middle of the Nullarbor which is suppose to be a dry warm place! What is it with this weather?
It was way to cold for me this morning so I decided to stay with G in the car for the start of the days run until it warmed up a little and then I might join D. The only thing was that I need to do my morning doggie business so Glyn pulled up to let me out and as I descended from the truck I spotted a dingo over the road who had his eye firmly focused on me. I very discreetly went about my business behind a bush and then I ran my paw down my face as a gesture of peace and flirtation to my dingo friend. He in return did a little dog dance and a skip with his back legs that I thought was cute. I was just about to muster up of courage to say hello when Glyn’s hand grabbed my collar and I was very quickly back in the truck and we were driving down the highway away from the handsome stranger. Talk about spoiling a romance moment!
We pulled into a scenic lookout for morning tea and there were a group of 4 young French travellers who had travelled around most of Australia and were amazed that D that done about the same distance on foot. When D arrived they clapped her in, gave a donation and took lots of photos. After morning tea D ran onto border village on the border of South Australia and Western Australia, as they have an inspection area here where everyone has to declare and discard any fruit and veggie you are carrying, D had a huge lunch made up of all the veggies we had remaining in the pink caravan.  Luckily for me I am a carnivore and the inspectors weren’t interested in my VIP’s.
As we crossed into WA I decided to join D again for the final leg into Eucla, D told me that we are now in the biggest state of Australia and that it will take us just over 3 months before we cross another border, wow that’s a lot of miles! As we were running along we meet a lady riding a bike from Perth to Sydney for Leukaemia, she was a survivor of the disease and was doing the journey solo, what a brilliant effort! As she had brought one of D’s pink wristbands in Eucla, D was about to give her a donation in return but she told D that her crew had already donated and after a quick photo op we all continued on. On our arrival at Eucla Caravan Park we were once again greeted by people from the caravan park and another group of people raising money but this time for disability services and carers; this group are pushing a wheelchair from Perth to Sydney and there journey is called the Big Roll. I would like to acknowledge these two very different but equally special fundraising efforts and I feel very doggy proud to have met people who are out there trying to help others, Australian’s truly have a great spirit of volunteerism and generosity so if you see either of these events on the road give them some support.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,240,401          Total kms: 2734.5km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 38. 309’ E 129 23.312’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 40. 720’ E 128 52.887’

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