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2nd Attempt: Day 59: A day from hell and a special dedication. Monday 24th May 2010, 44.9km, Steps 54540. (5/24/2010)

Today was one of those day when you really don’t want to be out in the weather, it’s a day when you would think it was miserable whilst being tucked up by the fire in front of the TV, it was definitely not a day you want to be out in the middle of a treeless plain being hounded by fierce 50 knot headwinds and buckets and buckets of rain added to this mixture the cold.

I did about 10 steps in this morning harrowing conditions and decided that I was spending some time, if not the whole day in the comfort of the pink truck that kind of weather it’s even fit for ducks! Unfortunately D had to be out there but she went into the elements with as many clothes as she could muster and looked a bit like a pink “Mitchell Man” running down the highway.
After 10 kms on the road D went straight under the Doona to warm up until breakfast was ready and after warm eggs on toast and two cups of black coffee she was out there again. As the sun rose higher in the sky the head winds seem to pick up and these winds were so bad they reduced D to a almost standing still position on the road and her usually running speed of about 8 – 9 kms/per hour was reduced to about 5km/per hour making it a long slow and hard day. 
I could see that the head winds were killing D and every step was an effort, D said today’s conditions were like running up Mt Wellington instead of on the flat plains of the Nullarbor. From the comfort of my pink truck I wished I could help D and thought maybe if I made some tail wind it might help.
Just before lunch a man, John rode up to D on his push bike and handed D her raincoat. D was a little surprise by this but John explained that the crew had given it to him to give to her as it looked like more rain. John told D that he was riding from Perth to Gippsland in Victoria and that he had heard about D throughout his crossing and that she was the infamous lady in pink. John told D that he was powered by sprouts as he was growing sprouts on the back of his bike as he cycled along talk about primary producing. As John was cycling with the wind he was having a great day and said that he would do about 200kms today, I think at that moment D really wished she was on a bike and going in the opposite direction!
By lunch time I could see that my usually positive D was finding it hard and started to question why she was out here in this hell of a day and I think she was thinking about retiring early but then a small miracle happened. D had told the crew to do about 5kms ahead to see if there was a place we could camp for the night when two caravans pulled over and gave D a donation. Within this small party of two couples, both had lost someone to breast cancer, a daughter in law, Heather Price and a sister, Carmen Grech and we are today dedicating are very hard won kilometres in their honour. 
After speaking to these people D realised that today’s battle with the headwind is nothing compared to the battle against breast cancer and D was reminded of her breast cancer journey and that she was the lucky one to have survived, it really put things in perspective for her so when she got to the van she told the crew to push on and see how far she could get today. 
D battled the head wind until about 4.30pm when with a body that hurt from head to foot she pulled off the road to our bush camp. D and I went to bed tonight praying to the weather Gods for no head winds tomorrow.
Running with you soon, hopefully in calm weather.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 3,110,721          Total kms: 2623.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 33. 631’ E 130 28. 252’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 34.302’ E 130 00.508’

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