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2nd Attempt: Day 55: Family matters. Thursday 20th 2010, 43.2km, Steps 53969. (5/20/2010)

We had a surprise visitor this morning which really blow D away! D was getting her hair plaited by her mum when there was a knock on Big Pinks caravan door and a very familiar hello was heard and the door opened to reveal D’s brother. Adam (D’s brother) is a long haul truck driver from Melbourne and he had especially booked a trip to Perth so he could visit the family whilst we were on the road. As Adam was on a scheduled driving break D decided to have breakfast where Adam’s truck was about 300 metres from the roadhouse so the family could have some time together. As it turn out, Adam can talk as much as D and we finally said our goodbyes after a family portrait was taken at 9.30am some 3 hours after are usual start time. Talking sure does run in D’s family I think it’s the European heritage; mind you I have been called a yappa once or twice in my life so it definitely most runs in the family.

Once again D and I found the old dirt highway to run along however this road wasn’t continually parallel to the current highway and D was in her little meditation running mood, this is when she just runs and runs along the road and really doesn’t take much notice of her surrounds. I was a little concerned that we no longer could see the highway but D told me that she could hear that the cars and trucks were close so there was nothing to worry about and as she was the one with the GPS the distance didn’t matter and we could spot the pink convoy through the trees when we got close. The only problem was as it was a hot day and Glyn decided to walk back along the highway to top up D’s water but he missed us as he didn’t know we were on the old highway and when we got to Little Pink it was all locked up with no one around. Oh course I started to panic and thought oh no, we have lost the crew or had the crew lost us? D in her typically casual manner just shrugged her shoulders, left a wee note for Glyn from the pad she always carries and continued running down the road with not a care in the world.  I tried to voice my fears to her about loosing the crew but she said her usual thing when fearful thoughts take me over and that is “Maggie fear makes the wolf appear larger than it is” this is kind of obscure, but it means that if you have fearful and worrying thought they can make a problem appear bigger than it is. D then let me told me that Big Pink was only about 5 kms away with morning tea and Glyn would realise he missed us and return with Little Pink soon. Sure enough by the time we got to Big Pink Glyn had reappeared with Little Pink but just in cause he lost us again I decided to hop into my pink truck and spend the rest of the afternoon in the comfort of my blankie, as loosing the crew was just too much for this little black and white dog.
As we had the late start D decided to finish the day at just over a marathon and we found a nice bush camp off the road about 10kms from Yalata. I finished off my bone from last nights T-bone and heading for the pooch palace for sleep as the stress of loosing the crew today has made me tired.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,884,555          Total kms: 2431.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 47. 553’ E 132 13.544’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 32. 090 E 131 54.604’

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