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2nd Attempt: Day 53: Gifts from the edge of civilization. Tuesday 18th 2010, 53.8km, Steps 64593. (5/18/2010)

We left our gravel pit early this morning with the intention to be in Penong for morning tea, as we would be catching up with Big Pink which was very exciting as we knew that D’s mum had gone to the Post Office in Ceduna and that there were parcels waiting for us to open. We just love post office collection days as we always receive gifts and as it turned out, today would be a day overflowing with gifts.

The day was again perfect for a run, not too hot with a bit of cloud cover and a tail wind, our first gift for the day and D and I ran as steady as you go. We were about 5kms from Penong when a car pulled over and a young couple asked where were we running to, D in her smart-aleck way said Hobart, you should have seen the look on their faces and the guy replied that we were going the wrong way.  D then had to go into her whole story re walking around oz, getting BC, starting the run and getting halfway then breaking her feet and now how we are running first to Darwin to become the first female and dog to run around the country and then how we will continue on until we get back to Hobart all in the attempt to raise money for the National Breast Caner Foundation. The girl was so excited about D tale that she jumped out of the car and wanted a photo taken with D and told her that D was an inspiration as she had not allowed any excuses to stop her in her pursuit to help others and of course we got a donation for our cause, our second gift for the day.
On the outskirts of Penong D received a phone call from Alistair (daddy) who had just been to the post office back home in Launceston and Running Pink had received over $650 in donation cheques from various clubs and people around Australia, our third gift for the day.
Our fourth gift was really gorgeous as daddy (Alistair) told me that I had received an enveloped addressed to me in a child’s hand writing and inside was a dollar coin. I was so chuffed that a child would send me a donation for our cause through the post. I did wonder if they had given up their pocket money for the week and was truly grateful for the kindness of this child’s heart.
At Penong D had a coffee for morning tea and received her post and our fifth gift of the day from D’s mum. This gift was giving to us by Kath Dunn, a Ceduna women who was at the talk the other afternoon and had heard D talk abut homemade biscuits being one of her treats she allows herself to eat at morning tea, Kath had baked and given two lots of cookies to D’s mum yesterday to pass on to us today. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing and D was a tad emotional at this gesture but it didn’t affect her appetite as she had a few of these special treats with her coffee.
Our sixth gift come in our post as D received some pink shoelaces that were sent from Judi in Hobart, as you all know we love all things pink! Our final gift was from the tyre repair man in Penong who donated some jell to repair the support crew bike. Wow what a day it was turning out to be and all these blessings/ gifts were received before morning tea! We are very grateful to everyone for all their continued love and support for our journey.
With so much good things coming our way we run with our hearts full of love until the sun was setting and we pulled into another gravel pit about 30km west of Penong, just outside Scotdesco station to set up camp for the night when the owner Robert Larking came out to invite us onto the station. We stood around and talked to Robert for sometime about his station and his role as custodian of his people’s traditional land around the station. On Scotdesco station they run about 3000 sheep all that drink about 15 litres of water a day, as water is scarce out here, the annual rainfall being about 150mm/per year the station had to put in a desalination plant to keep up with the water needs of 3000 sheep and 55 people who live at the station. Scotdesco station is the home of the big wombat and wombat is a favourite bush tucker of the indigenous people of this area. Mmm wombat steak for dinner sounds good and with D’s running capacity we should be able to chase one down, maybe tomorrow I’ll ask her to go wombat hunting with me on the other paw wombats are quite cute so VIP’s sound good too me.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,768,363          Total kms: 2335.9km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 31 56.445’ E 133 16.175’
GPS co-ords finish: S 31 49.913’ E 132 44.641’

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