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2nd Attempt: Day 51: Pink bra´s on the outside and a dedication. Sunday 16th 2010, 35km, Steps 38017. (5/16/2010)

We started the day in the cold and rain but by breakfast the clouds were starting to clear and when we reach the outskirts of Ceduna we were running under a beautiful clear blue sky. It had been a very quick run into Ceduna as it had been organized that D and I were to meet some people at the Ceduna airport who would be escorting us into town. As we had arrived a few minutes early D thought she would grab a quick snack as she knew she had a busy afternoon of fundraising events and didn’t know when she would eat again. As D was stuffing her face (not the best look) a car pulled over and a group of women got out and I had to do a double take as they were wearing pink bras over their tops. Now being with D, I have seen some very odd human behaviour, but wearing your underwear as outwear took me by surprise.   These wonderful women are part of the Ceduna Relay for Life team which call themselves “support crew” for obvious reasons and with their help and other members of the tiny community of Ceduna over $45,000 was raised during their recent relay. What a fantastic effort and as D often says any funds raised for any type of cancer research will help one day find a cure for all cancers. We had a great time being escorted into Ceduna by the “support crew” girls and we also got a lot more toots for the road trains than normal, I wonder if that had to do with the pink bra’s. 

We arrived into the main drag of Ceduna to a small community gathering at the Foodland and as the caravan park was down at Shelly Beach another 3 kilometres in the opposite direction from town D decided to GPS at the supermarket and drive to the caravan park as she need to shower quickly and make it back into town for a fundraising afternoon tea and presentation. 
We were saying our thank you and goodbyes to all who had escorted us in and greeted us on arrival when I noticed D was having a quite word to one member of the support crew” group Erika, who had lost her mum just over a year ago to breast cancer, when I looked up there was a few tears and some big hugs being exchange by D and Erika and I knew what was going on, D had asked Erika if she wouldn’t mind if we dedicate today’s kilometres to her mum and she had agreed, so today’s kilometres, a few of which Erika shared with us, is in loving memory of a mum Ilse Neumann who lost her battle with breast cancer on May 5th 2009.
When we arrived at the Shelly Beach Caravan Park, D realised it was the same park she stayed in during her walk around Australia in 2003/2004 and was happy to see that Anna and Lynton still operated the park and there was a bit of reminiscing about the walk and the BBQ that they had put on when D was last here. You can imagine folks that D is not a person short for a word so she was chatting on and on and time was ticking away so I had to give her a little nip on the leg to remind her to get a wriggle on or she wouldn’t get her shower in before the afternoon tea.  
As it turned out we were a few minutes late to the Ceduna Anglican Church but it didn’t matter as there were a few late stragglers still arriving. D was talking to the minister of the church and I notice people arriving with plates of food when I turned around and to my delight there was a table laden with all this yummy country cooking goods. I just love a good feed and was heading towards the food when D said “later Maggie, 1st we have to give a speech” talk about performing for one’s supper!   D of course gave a great inspiration speech but as I have heard it a thousand times and my olfactory was working over time on the beautiful smells coming from the table I really didn’t hear much. D finally stopped talking a miracle in itself and I thought here goes I get to eat now but still I had to wait as the wonderful organizes of the day presented D with a cheque towards our cause. As per usual D had to say thank you and some more talking, talking, talking I was just about at the end of my patience when it was announced we can have afternoon tea and as we were in a church I said to myself thank god for small mercies!
After I had my fill of goods and D had talked herself out we got into the pink truck and went back to the caravan park. As this is our last main town before the Nullarbor crossing a lot had to be done with stocking food, water, battery recharge etc so the camp tonight is a flurry of activity as I had eaten one to many delicious homemade sweets I just lay in my pooch palace and watched.
Please Note: Tomorrow we start our 3 week trekked across the Nullarbor so communications and internet access will be limited so please be patient as we try and update you when we can. If you need to call us please call on the Telstra Satellite phone 0147 163 051.
Hoping to communicate with you all soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,646,501          Total kms: 2234km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 32 19.681’ E 133 55.431’
GPS co-ords finish: S 32 07.568’ E 133 40.438’

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