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2nd Attempt: Day 49: Dust, some R n R and a dedication. Friday 14th 2010, 48.1km, Steps 55616. (5/14/2010)

Dust, dust and more dust, add some head wind, farming machinery and all you get is dust in your hair, up your nose, down your throat and a not too well D. Over the last week D and I have been running through the wheat belt of the Eyre Peninsula and at this present time the farmers are sewing the wheat seed in the hope for rain. Now the landscape here is very dry and arid so the farmers are essentially just ploughing up dirt creating huge dust bowls which we have been running through. Unfortunately D has developed a dry cough as the dust is lining her throat and she has broken out with a rash almost from head to toe. 

Today with a severe head wind the dust was everywhere and after about 15 kilometres D and I were nearly chocking with the dust in the air. We solder on till about 22kms and were at a road side stop in Perlubie trying to figure out if we should just pull over and stay here for the night, as the minimum kilometres had been reached or try and battle on. The problem was that D just couldn’t be out in the dust anymore as she was almost coughing her lungs out and we had just about decided to stay where we were when Nev Murphy, a local angel pulled up and told us that he had been talking to D’s folks in Streaky Bay and just wanted to say hello, he gave us a generous donation and signed our witness book and then when we asked him if there was a camp site near here, he said there was a great spot by the beach and that he would drive Glyn there to show him, as D didn’t want to move from her GPS spot until she had to. D and I waved good bye to Nev and Glyn but in no time at all they returned with Glyn wearing a huge smile on his face as the camp spot was right on the beach out of the wind and a perfect place for a little R n R.    We said good bye to Nev and D and I trotted down to the camp spot where we finally GPS off for the day.
The beach was heaven, D and I soaked our weary feet and I had a good swim and then a great roll in the sand and seaweed, it was doggy paradise (do check out the photos in our gallery of me having fun on the beach).  After our fun we went back to the van but I was banned from entry, D told me that I was way to wet, sandy and smelly to get in, I really didn’t understand this as I’d just had the best clean in ages. D told me to lye down in the warm sand in the setting sun and dry off a bit I must have dozed off as the next minute D was waking me up for dinner, yummy chicken bones. D than gave me a brush before I hit the pooch palace where I faded fast to sleep.
Post Note: D found out later that Nev had told D’s mum that he had lost his sister to breast cancer, he had not told D this but she had the feeling that he had lost someone close but D never trespasses into personal territory if people do not give the information freely. As Nev was like a guardian angel today, providing us with a secret beautiful soul replenishing place for some much needed R n R we would like to dedicate today’s kilometres in memory of his sister.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,542,468          Total kms: 2142.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start:  S 32 47.820’ E 134 11.820’
GPS co-ords finish: S 32 39.652’ E 134 17.678’

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