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2nd Attempt: Day 44: Our own Mother´s Day Classic. Sunday 9th 2010, 56.3km, Steps 66379. (5/9/2010)

Early this morning we found another dirt track that follows the railway line along side the road, so D decided to run along it as far as she could to help ease the road pounding and get us away from the traffic for a while. 

After about 2.5kms D’s mum ask if she could join us for a few kilometres until we caught up with Big Pink for breakfast. D was thrilled as today was Mother’s Day and usually D and her mum do the Mother’s Day Classic together in support of breast cancer research. So here we were us girls having our own Mother’s Day Classic on a dirt track in the middle of the Yorke Peninsula SA, D and her mum had a real giggle over that and wondered what their good bags would hold if they got them at the end of the distance. D suggested bore water, roadkill snacks and a beer cap on a string medallion whilst D’s mum suggested a bouquet of saltbush, a genuine red dust mud pack and a used takeaway container whilst I would be happy with just VIP’s these humans are sometime so hussy.
After breakfast we sent Big Pink on to the morning tea spot and run on at a good pace until about 5 kms from our morning tea spot we meet John, who was cycling from Perth to Sydney just for the fun of it. D said cool and added how much she would love to do that or even cycle all the way around Australia, on hearing those words I gave her a big knee nudge and a look that screamed a thousand words like “YOU CAN DO THAT ON YOUR OWN!”  We chatted for a while longer until John told us that when he rode past Big Pink he was embraced by a delicious cooking smell wafting in the air near the van and to him it smelt like warm cake.    D quickly said her goodbyes as the thought of homemade warm cake for morning tea made her cover those last 5 kms quickly and sure enough D’s mum had made marble cake for morning tea and we all sat down and enjoyed as a family on Mother’s Day warm cake and coffee. 
After morning tea D gave her mum her Mother’s Day Present, a night off and sent Big Pink to Wudinna, where we would be tomorrow night. D’s mum was happy with that and so after saying goodbye to Big Pink and down to a crew of 1 and little pink we started running again. 
We run on and suddenly at the end of the conservation area we had been running through the landscape changed dramatically, like a line drawn in the sand the bush became wheat fields and the view was one of miles and miles of empty paddocks, such a stark contrast. Along with the wheat fields came the mice the road was splattered with hundreds of dead mice and when we pulled up for our nightly bush camp on the side of the road the mice were there to meet and greet us which is a very different welcome to the community then we were use to.
With only 1 crew member at the end of the day D has to pitch in and help, so she swept the floor of the caravan especially near my pooch palace. put the kettle on to boil for her wash, tidied up her shoes she had wore for the day and making sure that the dirt socks were in the wash basket, got her clothes ready for the morning, made sure the record keeping was all up to date, answered the two to three dozed emails she receives a day, updated her facebook page, filled water bottles for tomorrow before finally getting out her pink bucket and having a bucket wash as we have no shower on board little pink. After D is clean and in her pyjamas and Glyn is cooking tea, she then turns to me with a cuddle and says “hungry Maggie” she never has to ask twice as she feeds me my VIP meat loaf for dinner.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,299,193          Total kms: 1935.5km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 33. 08.776’ E 136 24.807’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33. 09.937’ E 135 53.200’

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