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2nd Attempt: Day 43: A day at the Football (well a few hours). Saturday 8th 2010, 37.4km, Steps 44890. (5/8/2010)

Fog, fog and more fog is what greeted us this morning as we left our bush camp; it was so thick I couldn’t see the end of my tail! This minor detail wasn’t only due to the fog but in fact due to the poor visibility that comes with running in the pitched black of per dawn, for we had got up early and started running in the dark so we could arrive in Kimba on time at 1.30pm for our community arrival and scheduled fundraising events.

As we run on in the fog the sun slowly rose behind us and the milky blanket of fog began to dissolve and a white rainbow appeared for a few minutes and then faded away. I had never seen a white rainbow before and I just had to ask D, as she is very knowledge on human things how this happens,  D told me that white rainbows result from sunlight striking fog droplets which are so tiny that they can not act as prisms therefore colours do not appear – hence they are white.
With the fading rainbow, the last of the fog lifted, revealing the landscape and the deep blue skies of the day ahead. D was in a serious get there mood so after breakfast it was heads and tails down and with some no nonsense steady running towards Kimba. 
We arrived in Kimba on time but it was really deserted and we were only greeted by the CEO of the Kimba council and by the local press I was a tad confused as we had made a huge effort to get here and not many people were there to greet me. Me! Don’t they know I am a star dog!  I looked at D in complaint and she smiled a knowing kind of smile and said “The best is yet to come, Maggie” and then quite to my annoyance started running down the road laughing to herself, to the caravan park. That was it for me I was feeling very dejected and unappreciated so I hopped into my pink truck and drove the 900 metres to the park, confused about why everyone had made a fuss about us getting to Kimba.
After a bite to eat D told she had a surprise for me and to get into Big Pink with her and the crew. We proceeded to drive through the small rural town of Kimba and then I spotted it an oval surrounded by cars and people everywhere when I hopped out I was adored, loved and told that they were all accepting me I was the guest of honour at the local Kimba football and netball game.
D was met by Sue Beinke, a breast cancer survivor of one year today, (congrats Sue) and Sue took D around the ground and introduced her to everyone and rattled the tin for donations. Everyone was very welcoming and all showed great generosity and by the time we had completed a loop around the oval we had raised over $1000 for the NBCF. Thanks all!
As we were at the games for over 2 hours D and I were feeling a little tired after a day running so we slipped away to the Kimba Lions food stall for a bit of banter with the local Lions members and a real treat, freshly cooked hot chips Yum! And then back to the caravan park for a rest.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,232,814          Total kms: 1879.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 33. 02.931’ E 135 46.163’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33. 08.776’ E 136 24.807’

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