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2nd Attempt: Day 42: Tired but got there in the end. Friday 7th May 2010, 52.8km, Steps 61837. (5/7/2010)

D and I were running a little sluggish this morning as we pulled out of Iron Knob at dawn, I think sometimes with running, interacting with every community and fundraising we both lack energy in the mornings. As I was feeling a little tired I mentioned to D that it would be a lot easier if we only ran and didn’t do all the other stuff.  She gave me that looked which I know means I am being a foolish dog and said “Maggie we are here for others not our own selfish pursues! If we are asking people to help us, help others, we need to be there for them.” I know she is right but sometimes I think do I really have the stamina for this?

Today I decided that I didn’t so I jumped back into my pink truck and proceeded to watch the sun rise behind the Knob and thought that its silhouette, a giant charcoal grey pyramid with a decapitated, flat topped looked beautiful in the early sun’s rays for a mining site anyway, and then I proceeded to do back to sleep. Unfortunately D just doesn’t have that option and she plodded on to breakfast where she had an extra cup of coffee with honey to get her through till morning tea, where at this stage her energy levels were very low so she decided to have a wee nap and after 20 mins she was back on the road with a spring in her step. 
As I have slept through most of the morning I decided to join her for a wonder and during our run we came to Pine Creek, I thought that maybe I had slept through half the run as Pine Creek is a town on the way to Darwin but this Pine Creek was actually a creek which believe it or not, in the dry arid land we were running through had some water in it. I looked at the water fondly as I wanted to take a wee dip but D said no (party pooper), she explained that the mud around the water was very thick as evidenced by the deep holes made by other animals as they ventured down for a drink and she just didn’t fancy getting all dirty if I got stuck in the mud. I really don’t understand D aversion to having a bit of fun in mud and water? 
As our running day wore on, clouds drifted over eventually cutting out the sun which made for much cooler running through an undulating landscape of saltbush, low scrubby gums, geckos kicking sand out of their burrows, ants, ants, ants and more ants. I tell you South Australia must have the world’s largest ant population in all my life I have never seen so many! It makes for a very hard running day as karmically I try not to step on them.
As the sun was setting on our long hard slow day we were about 1km from the East Kimba Rest Area (about 36km East of Kimba) where we were bush camping for the night when a guy pulled over gave us a donation, a beer and than drove to the camp site to sign our witness book, small gifts at the end of a hard day. I turned to look at D smiling down at me and I knew what she was thinking, even on our tough days the universe reminds us why we are here; to give of ourselves so we can give to others.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,187,924          Total kms: 1841.8km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 32. 43.536’ E 137 08.935’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33. 02.931’ E 135 46.163’

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