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2nd Attempt: Day 40: Dirt running, donations and sausage! Wednesday 5th May 2010, 37.3km, Steps 44112. (5/5/2010)

It’s a cold start this morning which is typical of desert country in the late autumn, however the skies were clear and there was little to no wind. The soft dirt track that we were running on yesterday seem to continue so D and I decided to follow it for as long as we could, so we could escape the traffic and the hard running conditions of the road. 

When we got to morning tea D realised that we had crossed the 1700km mark, yippee do, we are slowly getting there and building on the kilometres everyday which is our strategy for this 2nd half of the loop and for the 2nd attempt at the other world records. We adopted this strategy because D only started running on Christmas Day 2009 after 6 months off due to you know what ( I refuse to comment on my mistake any longer). I think D’s amazing after only 3 months training to go out and start another epic journey again but I guess I should know better as back in 2007 D with her friend Vlastik run around Tassie for Camp Quality just 7 weeks after D had finished breast cancer treatment. Really there is no stopping this woman!
We ran along our dirt track all the way into Whyalla and we arrived in time to go directly to the Whyalla Foreshore Caravan Park so D could GPS for the day. We then left “Little Pink” and drove in “Big Pink” to the Wetland Shopping centre where we were meet by council representatives and the press, were I of course put on my best smile for the photo shoot.
Whilst at the shopping centre a security guard asked D what I was doing in the centre as there is a NO DOGS ALLOWED rule. D quick as a wink replied she is my companion dog, as by law companion dogs are equal in rights as guide dogs. What could the man do by said okay and wandered off, I wonder if I can use this excuse to get into the butcher shop, so I could score a sausage or two
As out turned out there was no need to try this trick out for when we got back to the caravan park there was a fundraising BBQ put on in our honour. Yum sausage! After all had eaten D gave a speech and a thank you which always results in getting more donations into our tins and I waddled off, with maybe one too many sausages in my belly to my pooch palace where I went to sleep dreaming of sausage heaven.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 2,058,986          Total kms: 1732km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 32. 43.575’ E 137 30.656’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33. 02.526’ E 137 34.720’

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