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2nd Attempt: Day 38: Wow what a fundraising effort! Monday 3rd May 2010, 43,2km, Steps 50225. (5/3/2010)

We left our gravel pit location by the side of the railway line this morning and started running into a very strong headwind towards Port Augusta or Porta Guta as the locals call it. The strong head wind slowed D down some what and at one stage she complain to me that due to the wind she was running at the same speed she could race walk, now D race walks quite fast so she wasn’t going that slow. 

Even with the head wind we managed to get to Port Augusta with plenty of time before we had our official duties and media conference so D decided to run through the town to the caravan park so she could GPS off for the day and have a shower before she had to meet everyone. D just loves to be clean, and believes water is the trick to cleanliness, me personally; I love a good roll in the grass or up here in the beautiful red sand, its just doggy heaven.
All clean and ready to go we drove back through Port Augusta and D commented to me about how much the town had improved since she walked around Australia in 2004 (for more information about D’s world record walk visit ). She told me that the town now has a completely different atmosphere with a much more welcoming quality to the feel of the place also there has been a lot of visual changes with the city and foreshore being developed. D expressed that the last time she was here it wasn’t a place you would want to stay long, now she would love to stay and visit for a while, of course, that is impossible for us as we need to run everyday to get “the double” (our second record of the run) in Melbourne on the 19th March 2011. 
When we arrived at the Woolworths complex they was a huge table full of pink treats that the local Lions club had made and set up to sell to help raise funds for our cause and we where greeted by the Mayor of Port Augusta, Mayor Joy Baluch AM.  Joy has been Mayor of Port Augusta for 25 years and the locals credit her as the driving force behind the renaissance the town has gone through. She is also a breast cancer survivor of 10 years and a really true Aussie hero; we were honoured and overjoyed to have met the mayor (mind you D had met Joy in 2003, during her walk, so for her it was a bit of déjà vu). Joy presented us with a great donation from council and after the official exchange of letters, signing of books; we were bombarded by the media, of course that was the time for me to shine, I had on my best pink coat and hit the pavement with my latest running stride called the doggy shuffle; it was a huge hit with the TV crew. I am such a media tart I have them eating out of my paws.
After all the interviews where over we needed to be at the local hotel as D was the guest speaker at the Port Augusta Lions club dinner. We had a great meal and as usual D gave a fantastic inspirational and heartfelt speech about why we are out here again. Unfortunately D must have been a little tired as she made a wee slipped in her speech instead of saying “its great to be here at your Lions meeting’ D said the Rotary word, I tried to catch here attention to say LIONS CLUB! but she didn’t see me, luckily they weren’t offended and later in the evening she paid a small fine to the club for her mistake.    After the speech Lloyd the president of the Lions, presented Deborah with a $350 cheque from the proceeds of their pink trading table today and to her surprise the local Cancer Support group also gave D a donation cheque and a breast cancer care bear. D was so overwhelmed by the support of this caring community as in total we raised over $2,500 in Port Augusta she had to hold back tears as she gave her thankyou speech, in the end all she could say was words from her heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,966,913          Total kms: 1654.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 32. 47.341’ E 137 57.467’
GPS co-ords finish: S 32. 28.428’ E 137 45.759’

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