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2nd Attempt: Day 36: A mayoral luncheon and camel on the menu. Saturday 1st May 2010, 27.8km, Steps 33244. (5/1/2010)

Today is May Day the date when back in 1886 the Federation of Organised Trade and Labour Unions in the USA earmarked "as the date from and after which eight hours shall constitute a legal days labour". Now I wonder which runners union I need to join to get an eight hour runners day? Sometimes, with running, public greetings & speeches plus writing my blog my days are well over 10 hours, so does this mean I am entitled to over time? I wouldn’t mind being paid in extra VIP bikkies and milk.

Today is also the start of week 6 on the road, wow time is really speeding past and I think before I know it I will be back in Tasmania in front of the fire...MMMMM...home.
We ran out of Crystal Brook this morning heading for Port Pirie knowing today was a schedule “rest day”, meaning a low kilometre day. For some reason D really wanted to get our kilometres over and done with in a hurry, as she picked up the pace and got to Port Pirie well ahead of schedule with over an hour to spare before she had to meet the Mayor and the community. Due to this spare time we decided to run straight to the Port Pirie Beach Caravan Park so D could GPS and record the days run before driving to the Centro shopping centre to meet everyone.
When we arrived at the Centro Shopping centre the whole centre was covered with pink balloons, what a great site and we were welcomed by the mayor and members of the community including Audrey who represented the Port Pirie Cancer Support Group. What a fantastic contribution to the community Audrey is, she not only organises activities in Port Pirie for breast cancer month in October but gathers cancer survivors in Port Pirie together and encourages them to do the first lap known as the lap of survivors in the local Relay for Life. Deborah has done this lap in the Launceston Relay for Life and it is a very emotional, powerful and inspiring thing for survivors to do. Thank the universe for people like Audrey who help make those moments special for all people who have suffered from cancer.
After the meet and greet the Mayor, Brenton Vanstone took D to lunch, I wonder if the residents of Port Pirie knew they were paying for D’s toasted sandwich and café latte? The mayor was great company and lunch went on for quite a while and I was starting to doze off when the mayor told D that they were going to build a camel abattoir in Port Pirie, my ears picked up…mmm…camel steak sounds good to me. On the other hand I had to consider that, the steak might make me a tad lumpy…could I choice one hump or two?
All this philosophical thinking is wearing me out so I’m off to the caravan park for a rest, till tomorrow.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,856,334          Total kms: 1560.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 33 20.808’ E 138 12.223’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 10.942’ E 138 01.399’

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