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2nd Attempt: Day 33: Legs working, running on a wine trail and a pink welcome. Wednesday 28th April 2010, 50.9km, Steps 61254. (4/28/2010)

Leaving Tarlee this morning saw us running into a very cold strong headwind and undulating hills. D comment to me about the conditions of the wind was she felt like she was running uphill when she was actually running downhill. As the wind was so bad I thought I’ll run behind D and use her as a windbreak and a pace setter even though D’s says this is not Kosha.

We struggle on in the head wind and reached a tiny town called Rhynie which had some beautiful old sandstone buildings, so D decided to have morning tea time and take some photos of the architecture. As D has an honours degree in the arts and is also currently studying her masters in Fine Arts (though she is on a break whilst on the road) she always likes to stop and appreciate the beauty of things that humans create. Yes, you heard me in D’s normal life on top of operating a full time business, writing and public speaking, being an active fundraiser and doing volunteer work she also study’s and manages to find time to train sometimes at home I have to go have a rest just to keep up with her, No wonder D’s says that being on the road is restful as she has cut down on half her work load.
After morning tea just outside Rhynie we discovered a bike/hiking trail that was following the road, the track was called the Riesling Trail. D decided to take this track as it got her off the side of the road and away from the traffic. Away from the noise of the traffic the track was so quiet and peaceful it was almost surreal, that I felt like I could be running a virtual run and I spent the afternoon in a dreamlike state enjoying the beautiful scenery of the vineyards of the Clare Valley. Maybe my state of mind was created through osmosis from the wine in the region.
Unfortunately at Penwortham we meet the highway again and as we only had 7kms to go before Clare, D decided to finish the days run back on the road. After the idyllic run on the track I couldn’t handle the noise of the traffic and decided to end the day in the silence of the truck so I could meditate on today’s run.  
D ran onto Sevenhill where the crowd at the Sevenhill Hotel clapped on her arrival and cheered her on her way for the last leg of the day.   Finally at the Clare caravan park D was greeted by members of the Clare council Alan and Elizabeth and a few locals who had wrapped the park in pink balloons and streamers. We all stood around and talk for a while and D was touched when Elizabeth, a survivor herself, said to her that what struck Elizabeth the most about D and her journey was that cancer didn’t define who D was. D was a little chuffed by this as this was one of the important messages that D hopes to convey to other survivors during the run.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,722,198          Total kms: 1449.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 34. 16.353’ E 138 46.160’
GPS co-ords finish: S 33 51.886’ E 138 37.303’

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