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2nd Attempt: Day 31: Family, goodbyes, hello´s again, a great mayor and a dedication. Monday 26th April 2010, 39.6km, Steps 46188. (4/26/2010)

Set off this morning for Gawler under clear skies but our route out of town was on a very busy highway so after our breakfast stop I decided, as I was a bit tired after the hills yesterday that the conditions of the road were a great excuse to spend the day, for my own safety, of course, in my pink truck. D told me that after today she wasn’t going to take the busy road excuse again as this would be our last city until Perth. Damm I will have to make up another excuse to get out of running from now on!

As it was a public holiday and no shops were open D’s folks weren’t fundraising today so for the first time since we set out we were all together for the whole day. On the odd occasion this happens D’s folks drive ahead to the next food stop becoming what we call the canteen, whilst our truck and van does the usual 5kms hop so D can run up to us if she requires anything i.e. more water, a snack etc. 
Being an ultra D is a very independent runner she is use to carrying her own water and supplies and going off for 5 – 6 hour runs alone. On the road she hardly even runs with a car near her and never with one in front as that is considered pacing as the front car blocks the natural elements from the runner and creates a slip stream which makes it easier for the runner which is not looked on favourably in the ultra marathon world. 
At arrival to the canteen (D’s folks van) for morning tea more of D’s family were there, her uncle Craig, Aunty Sharon and D’s 92 year old grandmother Thelma had come out on the road to see her. D was so pleased to see them that she spent a little bit more time that scheduled sitting and talking so she had to make quick with her goodbyes and start moving a little faster to meet her commitment with the Mayor of Gawler at 5pm.
On our next leg of the days run, I spent some time on the road with D and Alistair, as Alistair had to get back to the airport to return to Launceston tonight.   As we arrived at the van I realised that daddy (Alistair) was going and I felt sad, he gave me a final belly rub and told me he would see me soon in Perth before giving D a hug and with a wave was off. In my doggy heart I would love to have daddy with us all the time but unfortunately he needs to return to Launceston to keep our business alive so we can all continue on the road.  I know that D is extremely grateful for the personal sacrifices that Alistair is making to allow D and I to help others and we both thank him. Love you xoxox
With a sad heart I jumped back into the truck to have a leg off, I was just too upset to run and D need her own space too. After D had been running for about 40 minutes a women suddenly ran up to D wearing one of D’s t-shirts from last years first half of Australia. What a surprise, it was Pat, an inspirational breast cancer survivor who we had first meet in Darwin last year.  The first thing she said to D was “great to see you running straight again girl” as Pat had witness the extreme pain D was in at Darwin whilst running on her yet to be diagnosed broken feet.   It was great to see Pat and as Pat was travelling north again for the winter she said she would catch up with D later in the year somewhere near Derby WA, that’s something to look forward too.
After Pat left D ran on into Gawler where we met the Mayor, a fantastic character with a great love of life and his town and of course the paparazzi was there wanting to interview me. I barked out a few clichés as one goes when the press is around and hinted to D that due to the late hour we move off the side of the road and into the Caravan Park but D was deep in conversation with Garry the owner of the park and wasn’t taking much notice of me. I decided to ears drop into the conversation and D was talking about dedicating a day, as it turned out Garry had lost his wife in 2002 to breast cancer and D was asking Garry if he would like us to dedicate today kilometres. He thanked D for the offer and said he would appreciate that a lot, it would be especially good for his two’s son’s who were very affected by their mothers loss, so today is in memory of Rosawyn Faye Woods a much loved wife and mother.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,615,720          Total kms: 1360.4km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 34 52.663’ E 138 38.840’
GPS co-ords finish: S 34 35.468’ E 138 44.734’

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