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2nd Attempt: Day 29: A wonderful welcome and a different kind of tribute. Saturday 24th April 2010, 44.5km, Steps 51550. (4/24/2010)

Wow today is start of week 5 that the Running Pink team has been on the road and the whole crew seem to be very excited about this, the only thing is I really am not to sure what that means as I can only count to 4 as I only have 4 legs to count with.

As we are not allowed on the motorway into Adelaide we had to take the Old Princes Hwy from Murray Bridge to today’s destination Mt Barker. We started our running day amid scattered showers and a head wind and by the time we got to our breakfast stop I was a bit of a soggy doggy again! However I did cheer up quickly as to celebrate the start of our fifth week D’s mum had made pancakes for breakfast! Yummy! At the breakfast table I looked around and there was most the people I love in the world, daddy (Alistair), D (mummy), D’s mum (Karin) and dad (Owen) and Uncle Glyn I thought what a lucky dog I am to have the love and support of my family around me everyday. There would be no one else I would trust to support us and they have always been there for us.  Thanks with all my doggy heart.
As per usual D’s parents left us after breakfast in what we call “Big Pink” to fundraise and we stayed behind with “Little Pink” to continue running. We had not long left Kantmantoo when a car pulled over and inside was D’s great friend Colin Ricketts who successfully walked solo around Australia in 2005/2006. Colin did this journey alone, no support crew, he pushed a 3 wheel baby jogger named ´Wilson´ and followed National Highway 1 in an anti-clockwise direction. Colin´s amazing feat captured the imagination of the nation as he averaged a marathon a day for over a year. Colin had been inspired to do the walk by his son Luke, who when an infant, was diagnosed with a brain tumour,  Luke survived the ordeal and now leads a normal, healthy, fulfilling life but Colin wished to give other children the same opportunity as was given his son… a chance at LIFE. Colin has the heart of a thousand people and his walk wasn’t about him or any records it was about raising money for kids with cancer and during his time on the road he raised over $140,000, for the McGuinness McDermott Foundation and Children´s Hospitals around the country.
Colin today showed his exceptional spirit, generosity and love for humanity as this morning he was released from hospital after an operation on Wednesday in which he donated his kidney to his brother but he came out despite not feeling the best to see D and to wish her well, he even offered for us to stay the night which of course D said no and told him to go home and rest.   D and I were in tears for Colin to make such an effort to see us and for the purity of spirit that he has for others and we would like to dedicate today’s kilometres to you Colin as your make this world a better place and we feel honoured to be able to call you a friend and D would like to say that you are her hero. Love you Col D xoxo
It was a very emotional D who said good bye to Colin as we ran on to Mt Barker and as we approached our finally destination Contours Gym in Little Hampton the heavens opened up and rained again and we didn’t have our raincoats on! But help is always there when you need it as the Mayor of Mount Barker Ann Ferguson had walked back from the Gym about 1km with a huge umbrella that covered us all and D, Ann and I had a nice chat back to Contours were the Lions Club of Mt Barker had put on a sausage sizzle and the gym had organized a fundraising event with raffles, face painting etc, it was a fantastic welcome and I managed to steal a sausage well two actually. D did her usual inspirational speech, then it was off to the Mount Barker Caravan Park for the night and daddy (Alistair) decided to give the cook the night off and D and the crew went out for dinner while I looked after Big and Little Pink.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,519,806          Total kms: 1272.2km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 35 08.151’ E 139 13.984’
GPS co-ords finish: S 35 03.243’ E 138 51.123’

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