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2nd Attempt: Day 28: Short day and daddy arrives. Friday 23rd April 2010, 24.6km, Steps 31088. (4/23/2010)

I was a bit sluggish getting out of bed this morning after such long kilometres yesterday and I was very pleased when D told me it was a “rest day” which in D’s speek means a minimum kilometre day of 21kms or just over therefore our destination was Murray Bridge only 24kms away. 

As we were running towards the Murray Bridge turn off a very unusual site passed us by, a man driving an old Massy Ferguson tractor towing a slide on camper trailer was smiling and waving at us as he drove past. He stopped at the turnoff so we ran up to him so we could introduce ourselves and was happy to discover he was a fellow Tasmanian who lived about 30kms north of D and I. Ken and his pug dog Millie were driving across the Nullarbor in the tractor to visit Ken’s son in Perth, wow what an adventure and for a minute I was a little jealous of Millie and the great times she will have from her dog seat on the tractor. 
We had a quick holiday snap photo and moved on as D had to meet with members of the Murray Bridge council and didn’t have a lot of time so we hopped to it and arrived at the council chambers just in time for the official meet and greet, the exchanging of letters and to pick up donations which the council had collected through selling our wristbands.
After my official duties were done we needed to run on to the Princes Highway Caravan Park about 5kms from Murray Bridge and as I was hungry we quickly went to Big Maggies for lunch whilst inside daddy (Alistair) turned up, he had just flown in from Launceston. I was so excited I needed to pee and being a dog I saw this very green and perfectly trimmed grass but as I was about to do the deed Alistair (daddy) shouted at me “NO! Maggie that’s fake grass, not there”, I looked around and couldn’t believe my eyes the streets of Murray Bridge are lined with artificial grass! Never in all my doggie days and travels have I seen that, what was a dog to do? Luckily daddy spotted some real grass and all was well in my world again.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting)
Total steps: 1,468,256          Total kms: 1227.7km
Recorded from D’s GPS that is always on her as she runs, recording the record.
GPS co-ords start: S 35 13.118’ E 139 24.341’
GPS co-ords finish: S 35 08.151’ E 139 13.984’

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